Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Day

Pushed up
Got nothing
Fell hard
Got hurt
Shouted loud
Got sick

You have to
Living the life
And taste it
Like you won't
Meet another days

What would
Happen if you
Feel badly,
You can't do it
You can't reach it
You even can't see it
Your goals;
All your dreams
Seems hard to be believed

Just do nothing;
Do what you feel you wanna do
Gotta do,
Until you can't feel
That you can't either do-reach-or see it
You'd think you
Would never
Meet tomorrow

Training at Taman Ria, Parkour Jakarta

Nah loh...
Gue gaktau ada ni video sampe buka youtube-nya danielqronoz -_-

training hard again ahh~

Parkour Segment On Eksis (SCTV)

Hahahhaha :D
I didnt see this on tv when it was on air :lol:
Why didnt they tell us, eh?
It's soooo funny, long time ago they recorded this, I think...
With addition of some 'foreigners' video, eh-?

Friday, March 20, 2009


I even don't know where to start...
don't know where should begin...
don't know what I'm going to type...
don't know why I got this feeling...

I just...

I Like You So Bad....

Am I wrong?
Clueless is revolving around me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vintage's Day!

that was Vintage's Day, the theme of our class on Wednesday :)
we might lost our mind that day and the previous days...
At that moment, we went crazy together with an idea
to wear geeky and vintage look in campus.
Look, how we were such nuts :)
But It was a great time, girls...
We were the center of attention in campus that day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These Way of Lonely Boulevard

I am wandering through the edge of nowhere
Knowing no places to get the foot off
Smelling flies as if they are the great pointers
Listening to the song of the breezy wind
Seeing my own shadow fade away leaving its owner
Feeling hollow like these street where people are sleeping softly
Touching the pavements like they were my real companion
Kicking the pebbles because I’m dying of dreaming
Saying the sorrow out of nothing attractive

My purpose was not this;
Was not there;
Was not all of these empty caves

It’s getting colder and freezier
Well, I have a nice time of being sweet like bleeding
Lemme know when I gotta end these all…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mouth To Speak

One day, she said she wanted going back home,
Came home alone
Peacefully and normally
No one laid their hands down
She’d agree with any of ideas

One day, she said she needed to go out
“Bring me to my nowhere land…”
Because she threw all her patient away;
Because she sit on the dark deck;
Because she saw nothing but blind.

One day, she said she had nothing to be done for her life
Though it was her life and never be anyone else’s
She started point out the direction,
to completely hypnotized scale
She ran away, flew away
She said, “I’ll never want to put this in my reincarnation.
I’ll never want to be like you.”

One day, she whispered to a stranger,
“Give me my whole life back…”

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