Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mouth To Speak

One day, she said she wanted going back home,
Came home alone
Peacefully and normally
No one laid their hands down
She’d agree with any of ideas

One day, she said she needed to go out
“Bring me to my nowhere land…”
Because she threw all her patient away;
Because she sit on the dark deck;
Because she saw nothing but blind.

One day, she said she had nothing to be done for her life
Though it was her life and never be anyone else’s
She started point out the direction,
to completely hypnotized scale
She ran away, flew away
She said, “I’ll never want to put this in my reincarnation.
I’ll never want to be like you.”

One day, she whispered to a stranger,
“Give me my whole life back…”

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