Thursday, July 30, 2009

to the sweet marvelous eyes

A blindly groping child I came to you,
All life a strange confusion to mine eyes
Thine eyes met mine and in subtile wise,
A sense of beauty dawned, and sight was free.
A deaf, unbeeding child you foundest me
Hearing but echoes of my questioning cries;
It's clear, sweet voice awoke, with strange surprise,
My spirit to a sense of harmony.
Dear friend, our eyes are closed, for you to sleep
But hundreds, waking, bless us for their sight.
And though your voice is stilled, yet we who weep
Hear sweetest music, listening alright.
A witness in our memory, we keep
To God's eternal harmony and light...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

not a weak fur

I am in the middle of my perspective
Wherever I move,
gotta meet a new dirt
can't get away from a prob
Though the trees mercy me for my own honest, whenever
I cannot think clear,
whatever it comes around
I know that this is so true, yet not wrong
Too much to ask, too little answers provided
Whoever I am,
I will stand still not to fall- not to put my self down,
Anything towards me to face,
I have my faith and my dream to shine
Thus I gonna do,
I will ignore the world...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

His Last Walk

Not many know how much you did
When you walked on broken feet to save us
This is your last walk, but it's not the end
And with faith in hand, you're not the only one
So come on, come on
You're not the only one, let's get this point across,
What are you waiting for?
Let's get this point across while we still have the time
Let's get this point across and live eternal life, let's get it across...

Friday, July 3, 2009

to end the rapture

The wind of life and air from above,
smells of death
Angels sing of the end
There's nothing you say and nothing you try,
can change time
Human race prepares to die...

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