Thursday, August 13, 2009

4:1 and ginga

This is not my intention to make it overstatement
I do what I want to do,
and I feel what I really truly feel,
Thus I am, now, typing what, I guess, I cannot handle to keep in...

Let me get it out
Because nobody could blame my statement
Because there's my human rights, still
Because this is my blog ;)

It swings me
It kicks,
It rolls, I am upside-down
The music is what I love, trad and quirky
and never I was interested to it,
I had never.
Try it and tired
as same as what I do with the jump
my world,
So I don't cheat my self,
I never wanted to,
I am honest to what I am doing

silly, thou...
I bet I am in love with them,
lose control while wanna try more,
I can just sit and I can't
Oh my....

I should not stop doing these,
maybe when busy comes- just manage the time to fit to keep moving,
I am a stupid geek
never exclaimed and people know nothing,
so what?

That France's art of movement and that Brazil's art of fighting,
and yes! you know what I mean...

P.S: just laugh if you think I'm a freaky weirdo, about this :)

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