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The Impact of Social Networking and the Online World on Indonesian Culture

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The Impact of Social Networking and the Online World on Indonesian Culture

Being in a social networking website is like living in a village. People share thoughts, emotions, and news. It’s more than entertaining thing which physical distances and time don’t matter. Still, interactions can occur on a global scale, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It means we do something from local to global engagement. Imagine what happens if people come together making a mass collaboration through the online world?

Realize it or not, by join the social networking websites, we have a huge chance to show ourselves, Indonesia. This is really a high time for us to get a name, to get more attention, and to get more love for our lovely land Indonesia. Besides to let the world knows about Indonesia, it can be used to strengthen the existence of Indonesia, and to run a modern movement for good cause.

Indonesia is well known to the world. From what’s happening now in our country, we can spread it all over the world by mention it on our webpage or social networking sites. Exactly it will run visibly for people to read and know on the net. There are many examples where news and information are firstly known from online world before it appears on other media like television, radio, or newspaper. For instance, the tags and hashtags about Iran election and the entertainment news about the dead of Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip (an Indonesian reggae musician). The online world offers fast news-update. Thus, people know globally what happens right now.

Indonesia exists as a good and rich country and that’s why we can show it up through the online world. We can promote about our country to the world. Tell them about our beauty, lands, beaches, hills, where people can go hiking, camping, surfing, relaxing, and even learning traditional dances, martial arts, language, or just tasting our foods and getting a traditional massage. Besides, the most important thing is to claim what we belong. So that nobody can steal them from us. We were completely sad and angry when a few months ago our neighbor claimed our stuff and won our islands through the international court, weren’t we?

The last is to make a movement for a good cause which means we do our words. It happens to support our government and to invite Indonesian to hold hands together and not to be afraid of anything which has tried to put us down. For instance, lately there’s Indonesia Unite, a movement which has shown upright to beat the terrorism issue that has attacked our country. It brought up Indonesian together and already became number one trending topic on (a social networking site where #indonesiaunite first appeared). It made people around the world knew this movement and supported us. From celebs to common people, we are together to be a unity. Another example is adapting global to our local culture. These things are modern kebaya, casual batik, modern keroncong, wedding gown with traditional taste, assimilate the food recipes, and many more. This is what we call real life impact; truly happens in our life and brings benefits to our culture. The majority interaction on the social networking and online world is mainly for leisure but with little means an individual rendezvous can grow to a larger and useful campaign and life.


Diadra said...

Hi dear, kode HTMLnya ga muncul ya?
harusnya ada logo IYC, JakartaGlobe, terrantbooks kan disitu?

amelia said...

iyanih..gatau kenapa ga muncul :(
kenapa ya?
udah dicoba berkalil2 padahal...

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