Monday, August 17, 2009

To 64th Independence Day of Indonesia From Me

This is not a party,
Where we can get naughty
But we are supposed to get through to our majesty
Because today is as sweet as candy...

It's okay, we don't get an A
At least we still try everyday
We still stand strong with our pray
Struggle more like an essence of clay,
Though hard to say some of us still chew the hay...

O'buddy, please don't talk ratty
Either act unpleasant to lose our dignity
We are not some kind of hypocrisy
In fact, we play the role of equality,
And this is our duty
To prove that we formed a unity
We must be happy
From now on, we are the priority...

Happy 64th Independence Day Indonesia, my beloved country !

- Amelia, your generation -

1 comment:

mju said...

nice one!! you go sis!! :)

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