Sunday, September 13, 2009


Crowded doesn't make feel joyful
It seems that the world has left me
For such a short time;
quite feel so long...
I, for kind of ego, do not know what I want
I try to feel, to hear, to see what it is

Loner is perhaps my middle name
I am not fond of caring others,
since nobody ever love me,
or wanna hear my soul needed help
Guess it is a revenge
No. I don't do revenge

I need some people to accompany me
Now, feeling and crying are the best that I can do
Though I know it could be better...
But just remember,
When I love people- I really mean it
No matter what their status,
Mostly happen, they do not love me in the way like I care for them...

And now when I think I want to add another lover,
that one doesn't look at me...

So tiring.

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