Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Glove

I can't stop loving him
He wasn't my somebody
He wasn't my lover
He didn't have any idea about who I am

I can't stop loving him
He moved with those magnificent twinkles
He made me shaking
He killed my hard side

Yes I can't stop loving him
It's just so wonderful having a man like him in this world
It never been so good and sad before
It was him and it will be only him...

Again, I can't stop loving him
He cared the others with such pure love
He got people love him right in the heart
He loved people like me though doesn't really know what we were fond of besides him...

Gosh, I can't stop loving him
He was innocent
He struggled hard for life
He amused me a lot
He opened up my mind
He brought me something new,
a new confidence...

He is not here
He is with God
He cannot make me happy again alive
But what he had left here,
they are enough to make me at least smile and cry at the same time

You are there, aren't you?
Hear me, please God allow me...
You have made me seeing the world and my personal life more beautiful than before
YES you did- I ain't kidding,
I wished we could meet and you could see my happy tears
I lost my sentences, then I talked to you in my mind and using imagination right?
It is beautiful indeed

You were dangerous and will stay in that way forever...

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