Tuesday, September 29, 2009

never mind...

Okay, here it is!
Honestly, I don’t feel like comfortable to post something like a bit personal about me.
I mean, about what I feel, right now.
But this is my blog, right?
And I don’t think people would visit my blog at least once a day.
Who’d do that?

Well, this is about…err- something called… err- emotion.
No. This is much about…love?
No, I ain’t really interested in it nor put my time on that thing.
But let’s call it a feel-to-like-somebody.

Let’s get started!
(am I competiting or what?)
This man got my eyes on him for such a looong time hahahaha (who?)
I don’t really care about that though, I always avoid and pretend like I don’t have that feeling.
I used to, mate… I did that!
But now I can’t.
Lame, aren’t I?
I cannot hide how happy I am to see him around. How it feels so good to me to be in one place with him and et cetera…
And at the same time I feel like an idiot.

Why is that?

Because I cannot stop my eyes to watching him, his gesture and expression.
When I do that, I am scared that somebody or even he will know that!
And then I’ll be covered shameful because it’s like:
“Gotcha! I know it, lads..I always know it! You’ve been watching him every minutes! Hahahaha.. I KNOW IT!”
And then I’ll be dead there with the stupid-est face you’ve ever seen.


I hate this kinda feeling. I told you before, dear blog!
Right, I don’t wanna share a lot about this.
I JUST want to share ‘a bit’ of my feeling on my blog to people who are so nice so great and so cool because they visit this blog and read my stupid writings and all.
I ain’t kidding, mates.

So I am gonna say that the backsong for this post is from Avril Lavigne - Things I’ll Never Say :D
Search it, listen to it, and voila! LOL.
No, I don’t ask him to marry me or something. But that’s, perhaps, the direct metaphor- the proper one to show what I feel.

See you when I see you!

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