Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mood Swings: Good or Bad?

Just to start out, this isn’t one of those stories talking about changes in the environment, government, Presidency, or anything like that, it’s changes in oneself.

Lately, I’ve found myself suffering major mood swings and having the insatiable urge to flip out on anyone who aggravates me. I’ve always had a short temper, but it’s never been like this - now. I don’t know how it started or when, and I fear I’ll never know. Still, every day I wonder if what’s happening is normal.

I’ve never been one to have high tolerance levels, nor high patience levels, but when it comes to people younger or significantly older than me, I’m so different, it’s amazing. For instance, when I’m around people my own age that aren’t as mature as me, or if their behavior isn’t appropriate for the scenario, I get incredibly angry. When someone asks a question that I deem to have an obvious answer, I get angry. When someone is too lazy to do something and resorts to asking someone else, who’s already busy, and the lazy person gets mad, I get extremely angry, especially if the busy person is me.

It’s like I have no tolerance for people my age if they aren’t like me, or if they aren’t the way they should be at their age, or something. Call me crazy, but I swear I’m an adult stuck in a teenager’s body.

I’ve been keeping to myself more than usual, finding myself in a world of books, video games, and music opposed to hanging out with my friends on Friday nights and weekends. Not to mention I’m still suffering from an emotional breakdown due to a “friend” who I thought I really liked, gave my all to, to only have my heart ripped out, and they’re clueless about it—they have no idea what they did and wonder why I never want to talk to them anymore. Is everyone so ignorant nowadays or is it just a somel of people?

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