Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tekken the Movie

Tekken Official Debut Movie Trailer

Aaaah finally!
Been waiting for this movie to be on big screen.
I'm curious who would be the casts...
I meant, the CASTS. You know, the Tekken characters.
I wanted to see who's gonna be Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, Eddy Gordo, Christie Monteiro,
Devil Jin, Yoshimitsu, etc etc etc.

Tho now I got these names.
(click on the title of this post to kno it more...)
Some are asians, some westerns, regarding to the original characters itself - yes, it is. Tekken has sort of a mix people in it.
I just cannot wait to watch it!
I know that some people don't want to watch Tekken, because they are afraid it'll ruin their fantasy about Tekken. Especially those the death-Fans...
I understand *dramatist*

Bytheway, who's your fav chara?
Mine is Jin kazama (OF COURSE!);
since he's awesome, strong (lol), and cannot-stand-on-that-muscle
*who doesn't? rofl.

And I like Anna Williams, she's Nina Williams'.
But I prefer Anna, idk.
She's just my hero. in the game, in the dream, in the thought hahahah
Honestly, she's one of my inspirations to have an athletic, healthy physic, and strong personality.

Jonathan Patrick Foo as Jin Kazama

Marian Zapico as Anna Williams

Who'll accompany me to watch Tekken the Movie???


Friday, January 15, 2010

"When I say Jabba, you say Wockeez! Jabbawockeez!!"

JabbaWockeeZ is an all-male hip-hop dance crew from California who gained fame by appearing on the first season of America's Got Talent, and later becoming the inaugural winners of MTV's hip-hop dance competition America's Best Dance Crew. The group name is derived from the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky. (Wikipedia)

Jabbawockeez  (JBWKZ) adalah dance crew dari Amerika, walau kebanyakan pendirinya blasteran Filipina. Anggotanya sekarang ada 10 orang, setelah Gary "Gee" Kendall meninggal.

Ben "B-Tek" Chung
Chris "Cristyle" Gatdula
Kevin "Keibee" Brewer
Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio
Jeff "Phi" Nguyen
Phil "Swaggerboy" Tayag
Eddie "Eddie Styles" Gutierrez
Saso "Saso Fresh" Jimenez
Randy "DJ Wish One" Bernal
Joe "Emajoenation" Larot

Dari ngeliat deleted scene film Step Up 2, ada JBWKZ.
Ciri khas mereka yaitu dance make topeng (hampir selalu putih), dan topengnya itupun 'punya' mimik muka yang dingin dan straight - jadi berasa gimana gitu pas ngeliat mereka perform...Oia, mereka juga pakeala sarung tangan, dan baju tertutup dengan ala hip hop tentunya. Gaya dance mereka disebut Beat Kune Do, dengan me-mixed up gerakan pantomim dan Kabuki. Nama Jabbawockeez diambil dari puisi Lewis Caroll yang judulnya "Jabberwocky" , yang bercerita tentang naga yang mau dibunuh, tapi naga itu  ngebunuh yang mau ngebunuh dia sebelum dia dibunuh. Lalu, naga itu pergi menghilang entah ke mana dan tak ada satu orang pun yang bisa menemukan si Naga.
Menurut mereka (Jabbawockeez), itu seperti mereka kalo lagi dance/perform. Mereka datang ke suatu acara pake baju biasa, ganti kostum, tampil sebagai Jabbawockeez, lalu ganti kostum lagi dan berbaur sama orang-orang. And then.. Zap!! Jabbawockeez is gone.

Bytheway, this is my favorite!
Jabba performed for Gee, their RIP friend who they loved.

Besides, Jabba loves Michael Jackson.
Daddy Michael kan dance-nya juga ter-influence dari Pantomim, no wonder kalo Jabbawockeez hearts him (like I do) so much!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The nu year greet & the 2010 goals


Though I ain't very grateful toward the eve, I praised my humble to Lord for the entire years behind which gave me a lot lot lot life-learning.

I could say that I don't - well - understand why these creatures named human is so f-happy with the NYE.
It's not like I'm kind of radical. Trust me, I'm liberal enough dealing with demon-to-angel-people. I am only confused of the fireworks, the drinking, gathering, laughter, parties, wasting money, trumpets, and the whole stupid things at the ting-tong 12 o'clock to the January 1st, next year.
You know what I mean, don't you?

Why don't we try to sitback, relax, deep breathing, and see what we've been through, what we have left behind our backs?
And ask ourselves, do I live for nothing? Do I live for a thing? What do I live for?
Am I alive or dead? Am I honest enough for myself?
Do I let people define my happiness? For what? For an up-head called dignity?

Well that's too much, I don't wanna commit suicide or do genocide just because the life philosophy which can never be answered...
Let's forget that, c'mon... Use my eyes to see what it's in front of me!
That's why eyes made to look ahead right?

Move, move to the (dammit) resolution for the next 365 days.
Is it 1038x768 pixels?
Oh man, I'm hungry... Let's end this asap!

2010 will be the year that I MUST achieve these thang :

1. Keep closer, and getting closer to Allah SWT, and family - no matter how they are - is the second after my Lord.
2. Increasing my GPA to more than 3.5 again. No deal with it, DO it or DIE!
3. Keeping my commitment of healthy life, eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping properly. Stay fit and beauty! Hahaha
4. Buy what I NEED, not what I WANT.
5. Reading as much as I can, listening more; reduce talking, and doing college assignments because I can't be the laziest butt-head procrastinator. No more!
6. The job I must be doing well. Contribute as good as I can. Don't put my uppers down, and keep the nice attitude! Attitude is the firstly first important.
7. Fear nothing, dare everything. That things happen for reasons, and SHIT always happens!
8. Saving money! Yeah! *commitment, my-self, commitment..*
9. Getting foreigner as my future-mate HAHAHAHA. No kidding, I want them ( of them of course). Well, I like Italian; British man is also great; Others? Just see what will happen then. Like this is not gonna happen when I want it to happen but I don't know what to do if it happens and... omg shut up.

*What?! It was just 9 points...
That's ok. I love odd numbers, it's all my luck numbers and I don't believe those lucky-fortune myth tho..

Have fun in this 2010, and be safe and sweet!

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