Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Krazy Week

Right, what could I have asked more to get everything worse?
Simply nothing.
Well you probably wondering (or may be not, because I'm not your business) what happened.
And I may answer it, like: Actually it wasn't a big deal, whatsoever. Only a kind of Rapid 'Festival' held every 6 months.
It was the Final Term Exam.

See? It was a no problemo thang.

No problems, UNTIL I had this idea that "shit how come the exams were so dammit hard? I was dead-studied, prey, afraid, and shit this could not be happening!"

My plan is obviously want to get my nice GPA back, after the publicstupidspeaking last term.
Flashback to some lectures, I am now feeling so sick.
I was sure I could do the exams, I filled them all, I wrote and tried to be perfect (tho it wasn't, ofcourse).
Oh Gosh ...
Felt so stupid doing all of them, just crossfingering to hope everything's OK.
Sort of thing, work versus college truly never matched and fit each other.
I was walking like zombie, or beautiful-half-life half-dead retarded-girl to the campus.
Yawning like hottie hippopotamus in the office.
Every freaking nights, I slept only 3-4 hours; since I cannot sleep at midday.
But absolutely I am not gonna lose anything. Always trying to do my duties.

I remember one (forgot the name) said: "I don't need much sleep like 6-8 hours everyday. I can sleep far more longer when I die..."

Errr -- sounds very very very FANTASTIC!
Wh wh wh whaatt??
But, personally, I still need proper times of sleeping to charge my energy. If die means I get far far so much time to fall asleep, then heck why do I live here with those people selling comfy beds with blanket, pillow, and stuff?

Ultimately, I wanna say:
Thanks to Lorenzoo (OT parkour), surprisingly chat with me while I was ultrabored facing the monitor, to all the funny and wise talks on facebook!

This is it for the dammit tired-recap.
I rarely post my own life thru my own blog, since there are so many bloggers who post their own life story on their own blogs.

It's all about love, keep caring yourself and people around!

-Amelia N.A.A.W  :)

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