Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prince and Paris gave speech for their daddy at 52nd Grammy Awards

I know it is quite late to talk about 52nd Grammy Awards that occurred last Thursday, 2nd February 2010
It is not THAT important though to discuss and observe a lot about all the performances.
Since not all of them were proper to get the award, ehem… especially Taylor Swift.
Oh pllleeeeeaaaazzzzzz, she wasn’t good on live performance. Her voice was not that special. It was all average. And that makes me confused, how come she won the Album of The Year????
Well, big applause for Beyonce who brought 6 total awards that night. She was good, real entertaining. I hoped Kanye West were there to interrupt TS again like in VMAs 2009 hahahahah *evil*
Okay move on. I want to put the King of Pop’s moment.
Prince, Paris, and three cousins of Michael Jackson were on stage accepting the Lifetime Achievement Awards 2010. I was so haaaaaaappyy!
I think, Michael should have accepted every year Grammy Awards. Why? Think about this: Who else can entertain millions people and fans especially (all of the people in the earth, maybe those who live outspace) like Michael Jackson did?
Who, tell me?
That is absolute.
He was the one, still now is the one and the only gifted-man who could hypnotized us when he was on stage.
It wasn’t about the modern and sophisticated technology when his concert was held. But it was about Michael. When he stopped, everyone KEPT staring at him. No entity (world-entity) that can compare to him. Ever.
Well, here is the video when awesome Prince gave the good speech about the awards given, and Paris who is getting more and more stunning every time she shows on public. 

Unfortunately, Blanket wasn’t on stage. 
But I got his picture while he was there (backstage maybe?)

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fyeahdita said...

yep totally agree taylor swift is such a blaaaaaarghhh

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