Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is it.
Eventually the time has really really come!
haaaaa, been thinking about it in the last semester and, as a matter of fact, it's happening now in my 6th semester.

What is that?

Well, it is the thesis.


People usually recognized it as Skripsi. But no matter what it is called, still, it is a hidden threat!
Sorry, I mean the threat is something challenging. Why it is challenging? at least for me, I gotta prove and push myself to dig my knowledge and ability about try to know something in a way of different side.
I have to find 'a problem' that really exist implicitly/explicitly in a piece of work and art, regarding to its history and culture.
Find something in it about 'how it can be like that?'
Make my hypotesis, and do some researches like madman to prove my hypothesis whether it's true or not.
More likely, whether my assumption is strong enough for them (re: lecturers) to put their faith on my belief.

It's hard, you know...
This is my first time making a real scientific writing, for my scholar undergraduate.
And for the sake of my parents and my own fate, I would do my hardest and be crazy about it! Pursue the A for thesis? Of course it is POSSIBLE.

Bytheway, The first time Mam Wiwik (one of my favo lecturer) told the entire class about "handing the proposal chapter one in the end of this semester", we were suddenly OMG-ing and sighing smoothly.
We knew it would come sooner or later. But at the first day coming in the 6th term? Never ever imagined that!
Mam Wiwik stated that we should have prepared the topic within 2 weeks. Make sure that we chose the topic from the heart. Why was that, we asked inside. 
Well, Mam Wiwik continued, if we didn't 'want' it from our heart then it would likely turn to be hard and boring to do. She made us clear that doing thesis wasn't a thing to play, it was about our fate. FATE. DESTINY.

After that, we were buzzing the class. Talking about it, showing our fear, afraidness, and yeah you-name-it surpised feeling.
A day later, we still (trying) to share and brainstorm to find topic. We obviously need each other to boost and realize that there are so may goddammit issue to be brought up in the thesis.
Oh almost forgot, Miss Tjoo Hong Sing (another cool lecturer) strictly told us to make DIFFERENT topic or theme of thesis. Because the lecturers are enough with the existed thesis and the same-nearly-similar topic brought up every bloody year.
THIS is what makes us more terrified. C'mon, it is our first time. We even don't have any idea what to research about. We got jetlag!
It is not an excuse. But, I was trying trying trying to find topics to be related to some theory of literature criticism

Alhamdulillah, I sort of found it. After talking and asking for some suggestion and ideas from the Binusian senior in The Jakarta Post, Dede (thank youuuu, dude!), I likely saw the brightside of seeing thesis's topic from another perspective of view.
Maybe I would use Marxist or else to support the thesis. But at least now I know how would I dig the 'problem'.
I have to discuss it with my lecturer soon, it can be a good topic or (please don't!) just another boring-topic.
I choose Hunter S. Thompson's 1970s novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
If you don't know it, well, I will give you a glimpse about it:
The basic synopsis revolves around journalist Raoul Duke and his attorney, Dr. Gonzo, as they arrive in 1970s Las Vegas to report on the Mint 400 motorcycle race. However, they soon abandon their work and begin experimenting with a variety of recreational drugs,such as LSD, cocaine, alcohol, mescaline, and cannabis. This leads to a series of bizarre hallucinogenic trips, during which they destroy hotel rooms, wreck cars, and have visions of anthropomorphic desert animals, etc.

Interesting eh?
Unfortunately, I hardly find the ebook or digital novel of it!
ooooh blimey...
I will ask my other smarty dude, Sidik (the Jakarta Post, doing his Master skripsi at UI), for help.

Actually, been thinking to use Edith Wharton's 1890s novel The House of Mirth.
The novel talks about: New York high-class society mixed with personal desire of a woman to live in luxurious and to get a wealthy marriage - until she in the end is dead because of overdosed.
You know, the victim of capitalist (or its subordinate roots).

Again, need to discuss with lecturers so that I'm sure enough it is what I really interest in. Man, I'll be doing it for this (about) 5 or less months and the next term, and my undergraduate thesis.
I am not playing with it. This is dead serious, man...

Got to search more of them.
See ya around!


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