Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looklet be a virtual stylist

Have you ever not known what to wear in the morning? Do you have a dream to wear a well-known international fashion designer?
But hey, you can have them all! Here we go. Looklet.com makes it possible. Looklet is a site that has existed since 2009 and was developed along with the rise of cyber technology. 

It is a digital styling studio where you are allowed to mix and create a look from every garment. Pick real clothes from the virtual wardrobe, put them on a model you choose, select the background you want and save it to show other Looklet users.
It inspires you without  making you lose your own touch of personal savor in creating fashionable looks.

Looklet requires you to sign up before you can save a new look on your page. The registration process is not complicated - fill in the username you want, email, password and your country.
After you sign up, you can edit your personal information, and upload a profile picture and description of yourself. Then, you can begin adding friends. 

Challenge yourself with creativity to amaze other users on Looklet and let them send a “heart” to your page. Users can click on a “heart” button to show they love your look.
Users can only “heart” your page once. The more hearts you get, the more popular you become. Once your page becomes recognized as a popular look, you’ll likely gain more followers who add and view your page.

All items on Looklet are provided and selected by a Looklet stylist. Right now, there’s more than 3,500 items on Looklet. There are many categories to select including tops, suits, dresses, hosiery, skirts, jeans, jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, bikinis, underwear, tattoos and accessories (such as umbrellas, dolls, masks, bottles, books and wings), jackets, hats, and many more.
It doesn’t end just like that. Those clothes, shoes and bags are also listed from clothing lines, brands, and designers around the world. They are also known for being pricey.
But Looklet is a virtual paper-doll in 21st century, however. You are permitted to pick a beautiful top by Diane Von Furstenberg, a wonderful dress by Hugo Boss from the runway, shoes by Christian Louboutin, an adorable handbag by Marc Jacobs, and see the various Mulberry, Bianco, Forever 21, Max Mara, Tod’s, and other collections on Looklet to mix and match on your model. 

Another good thing is Looklet has a styling contest for its users to win a prize. Last month was a Tommy Hilfiger jacket valued at US$470. Before joining the contest, you need to have one prize-item used in one of your looks and a competitive “heart” total to compete with others.
Moreover, Looklet has its virtual magazine and the editorial content – all revolving around the application – in which models, celebrities, designers, fashion role models, and featured users in the real world are reviewed and interviewed. They are asked to make Looklet looks of their own.
One thing that would make Looklet better is if there was a male version. 

Looklet, however, is all about the love for creativity, style and new-technology fun where you can create great looks. Do not be surprised if you become addicted.

— Photo is courtesy of looklet.com

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Anonymous said...

Looklet is awesome! If you're a user let us know! Go to www.lookletinsider.blogspot.com, we feature users who want to be in the spotlight and show off their looks! Let us know if you want to be in the spotlight and we could feature YOU!

หåи∂ said...

i love looklet!!

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