Friday, April 23, 2010

definitely into meh

Everyone got their own favorites, like when they see some stuff they feel like it's really into them.
It grabs them. It feels like "I really like this!". For God's sake! (ok, and that's too

And let's talk about... err... wearable stuffs.
I don't know where it comes from, I just heart so much Sneakers, Loose and Big tees, Jeans, Boots or High-top shoes, and (since it is me...) messy freaking hair! haaaa
and oh, not to forget Rings and Glasses!
well, those seem very casual and sort of common, don't they?
Believe me, YOU'RE WRONG   =D
Don't you know that minds can drive you somewhere, make something looked contradict with how you're supposed to see?
D'oh im getting out-of-topic zzzz
Here I put some picts from Lookbook  that are so into me, people!

Have fun and God bless!

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