Thursday, April 15, 2010

whining? hell no! haaaa.

Hellou people in da universe!
Well, I'm not that famous though. Unless, Vin Diesel really holds my hands through papparazzi and gets covered on the headline of you-name-it magazines! LOL

Alright, I just want to post something a bit about my life. Because lately I've been like a pighead with a bunch of stuffs in my head.
It was like I couldn't even write about me,literally, on my own blog, literally.
Well, sad, isn't it?
No? OK, that's fine.

Here we go, the Mid-Test is a week ahead. I got a project paper and chapter 1 to do.
Chapter 1 (Scientific Writing) progress? 20 percent.
Literary Criticism progress? 0 percent.
and the rest is written-attending class-exam.
Yes. Imma pighead zzz

Despite of whining and whining, moaning about my bad fate, how unlucky I am...
Wait. What was...? What the... I've just done it! Whining a lot. Sheez... 
I'll just do it, and struggle hard to get the best of what I'll have done. You know, I'm thinking about the "Fast Track" thesis that my campus offered. I can start working on my skripsi in my 7th semester, which requires GPA above 3.5 and commitment.



Can I do that? I'm thinking about it, my Mum wants it, so does Dad.
But I'm kinda afraid that my 16 SKS lectures next term will be abandoned or maybe left behind because of my concentration upon the theses. Suggestion, people? sigh...

That's it for this week. I'm going to Pancious Pancake in Permata Hijau with the idiot-yet-bitty-friends -  lol.
After that, attending seminar and oh... searching for Soul Plane DVD to do our Pragmatics effing Final Test paper... and The Jakarta Post office afterward.

Catch ya later!


deekkyy said...

hallo..salam kenal ya..
kunjungi balik ya...

deekkyy said...

kamu belum pernah makan tahu tek ya...hahaha :D

yusrond said...

you can .
i know that .
optimis aj mbaaaak !

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