Thursday, May 27, 2010

24/7 and becoming a Spartan!

It feels decades I haven’t poured the days I’ve passed. You know, there’s a time when you feel like doing something and you cannot resist it again, and you have to do it just right away. Otherwise, you’d be insecure. At least, that’s what I feel; everyone’s got their own way with that kinda thang though…
I got not time to even relaxing myself out of a pile of assignments and tiredness – lack of sleeping, disordered-in having meals at its time, and, the worst one for me, less time to do exercise :((
These all make me freaking sick. Don’t take it literally, I mean “sick” that is I sometimes feel my body is soooo light like a leaf flying through the air to somewhere unpredictable. There, I also feel so on fire, flame on, high-spirited at the same time! Gosh, it’s just krazy! I wonder it myself, how on earth I could feel so light and weak, need badly to sleeping, BUT I don’t wanna end the day asap and I can do anything you order to me? Insanely confusing, yet it’s fine. Lol
Alright, perhaps I just have to do it, not complaining things or else. Since I realized that this is the life I am living now; It might be different if I chose another route – but man, this is the truth. If I’m whining over and over again about how exhausted I am, I think that’s what makes me tired anyway… hahahaha
Above all this mental stuff, I’m also excited (stress out) of the mini-thesis for this final exam. I’ve changed so many things both inside (the way of thinking) and outside (the way I read the novel and theory) the fuggin’ paper. Oh crap, I once thought I couldn’t make this to an A! I was really scared, and still I am! It’s emotionally mental. Or probably it’s me the only one who’s taking it so hard? I don’t care. Speak is much easier than done, so c’mon get the paper to an end! *like yelling THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!!!* lol
Anyway, I’ve delayed my revision (again) for chapter 1 and 2. I’ m putting off writing an article. I’ve not exercised till hardcore-ly sweaty yet this week (hopefully it’ll lead me not to cry, because If I don’t do any kind of exercising within a week, yes I’m going to be bad bad mood).
Have fun and keep positive!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malice drinks one-half of its own poison

I won't mention the word tired...
This is the 20th century and I can go around a little faster.
 I'm only 24/7.
I'm tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain.
But life is a damn long process of getting tired.
So get mad, then get over it.
Quick men get tired; big men don't shrink!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome!)

Promise myself that, no matter what, I will go on
Even if I'm walking, crawling, running or puttering. 
Initially I might feel a bit of discomfort, and what seemed impossible will soon be something I can easily manage. So stay on my feet; Eyes straight ahead. Move.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

work violence

On this May 7, 2010, file photo, one of the employer from a prestigious local English newspaper is caught on camera doing physical harrasment to another employer. The physical harrasment is by hitting and stomping the face of the victim. Both are women and the harrasment is assumed because of fighting over the same man who also works at the same place. 
- JepAjepClub/Deisha Tamar

- Credits: Amelia Winnie, Agatha Rizka, and Mister Udin.

P.S: All names, situation, and places in the story were fictional. If there were similar names, it was fully coincidence. It was made for fun purpose for you to enjoy.

lunatics are philosophers

 Normal sometimes means lack of imagination and creativity.
Be insane!

Here comes the wicked-ness of some noob 20-years-old ladies in The Post's office, Friday at about 12 pm (Midnight, yeah, I know...)
All photos were taken by Deisha Tamar's camera. I edited it, and let's hurt your eyes, people! 

and... it's us: (left to right) me myself, Deisha Tamar, Agatha Rizka.

Friday, May 7, 2010

shouldn't been there

apparently had this wind blowing over me
such a not-good reality, neither smiling of it
no miracle happened
not sure if this was right or wrong
holy wand was shrunk
used to be someone that got dreams to catch
If had ever to cry, I would not do it
just let this crap gone
with any dusts left...
and gone...


Monday, May 3, 2010

Taqwacore: The birth of Punk Islam (?)

 Three years in the making, this feature documentary follows the progression of the Muslim Punk scene: from its imaginary inception in a novel written by a white-convert named Michael Muhammad Knight to a full-blown, real-life scene of Muslim punk bands and their fans.

When he was 17, Michael Knight left his mother’s home in Rochester to study Islam at a Pakistani madrassa. It was his first act of rebellion – against his abusive, schizophrenic, white-supremacist father. Years later, burned out on the demands of religious dogma, Mike rebelled once more – by penning a Muslim Punk manifesto called The Taqwacores. His work of fiction struck a chord with young Muslims around the world and before long, real-life Taqwacore bands were creating a scene. This film follows Michael and his band of Muslim punks as they journey across the US and Pakistan, transforming their worlds, their religion and themselves through the spirit of Taqwacore.

This is very interesting, however it's baffling me at the first time I heard this Taqwacore. Like, is it really happening? Is it allowed? I don't know... Pretty inviting some pros-cons, for real. But actually, I like this so much! Cannot wait to watch Taqwacore, but: Can anyone tell me where I can get the DVD?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paradise City

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Take me home
Oh, won’t you please take me home

Just an urchin livin’ under the street,I’m a hard case that’s tough to beat
I’m your charity case, so buy me somethin’ to eat, I’ll pay you at another time
Take it to the end of the line
Ragz to richez or so they say, ya gotta-keep pushin’ for the fortune and fame
It’s all a gamble when it’s just a game, ya treat it like a capital crime
Everybody’s doing their time

Strapped in the chair of the city gas chamber
Why I’m here I can’t quite remember
The surgeon general says it’s hazardous to breathe
I’d have another cigarette but I can’t see
Tell me who you’re gonna believe

Captain America’s been torn apart
Now he’s a court jester with a broken heart
He said- turn me around and take me back to the start
I must be losin’ my mind- “Are you blind?”
I’ve seen it all a million times

Slash feat. Fergie and Cypress Hill

and here is the original song by the coolest GNR

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