Thursday, May 27, 2010

24/7 and becoming a Spartan!

It feels decades I haven’t poured the days I’ve passed. You know, there’s a time when you feel like doing something and you cannot resist it again, and you have to do it just right away. Otherwise, you’d be insecure. At least, that’s what I feel; everyone’s got their own way with that kinda thang though…
I got not time to even relaxing myself out of a pile of assignments and tiredness – lack of sleeping, disordered-in having meals at its time, and, the worst one for me, less time to do exercise :((
These all make me freaking sick. Don’t take it literally, I mean “sick” that is I sometimes feel my body is soooo light like a leaf flying through the air to somewhere unpredictable. There, I also feel so on fire, flame on, high-spirited at the same time! Gosh, it’s just krazy! I wonder it myself, how on earth I could feel so light and weak, need badly to sleeping, BUT I don’t wanna end the day asap and I can do anything you order to me? Insanely confusing, yet it’s fine. Lol
Alright, perhaps I just have to do it, not complaining things or else. Since I realized that this is the life I am living now; It might be different if I chose another route – but man, this is the truth. If I’m whining over and over again about how exhausted I am, I think that’s what makes me tired anyway… hahahaha
Above all this mental stuff, I’m also excited (stress out) of the mini-thesis for this final exam. I’ve changed so many things both inside (the way of thinking) and outside (the way I read the novel and theory) the fuggin’ paper. Oh crap, I once thought I couldn’t make this to an A! I was really scared, and still I am! It’s emotionally mental. Or probably it’s me the only one who’s taking it so hard? I don’t care. Speak is much easier than done, so c’mon get the paper to an end! *like yelling THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!!!* lol
Anyway, I’ve delayed my revision (again) for chapter 1 and 2. I’ m putting off writing an article. I’ve not exercised till hardcore-ly sweaty yet this week (hopefully it’ll lead me not to cry, because If I don’t do any kind of exercising within a week, yes I’m going to be bad bad mood).
Have fun and keep positive!


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