Saturday, May 8, 2010

lunatics are philosophers

 Normal sometimes means lack of imagination and creativity.
Be insane!

Here comes the wicked-ness of some noob 20-years-old ladies in The Post's office, Friday at about 12 pm (Midnight, yeah, I know...)
All photos were taken by Deisha Tamar's camera. I edited it, and let's hurt your eyes, people! 

and... it's us: (left to right) me myself, Deisha Tamar, Agatha Rizka.


CahayaCita said...

Lady, you are ubercool! Are you working in Jakarta Post right now? :D

Amelia Winnie said...

yea sort of it.
Trying something different, by doing this.
people say working in a newspaper is a real hard, with such pressure.
that is true!
but I love it, a lot.
aah, and that's "ubercool" word, i'll take that as a compliment. Never say that again, will ya? im not dat "ubercool", many people deserve it. Even you yourself!
take care! xoxo

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