Monday, May 3, 2010

Taqwacore: The birth of Punk Islam (?)

 Three years in the making, this feature documentary follows the progression of the Muslim Punk scene: from its imaginary inception in a novel written by a white-convert named Michael Muhammad Knight to a full-blown, real-life scene of Muslim punk bands and their fans.

When he was 17, Michael Knight left his mother’s home in Rochester to study Islam at a Pakistani madrassa. It was his first act of rebellion – against his abusive, schizophrenic, white-supremacist father. Years later, burned out on the demands of religious dogma, Mike rebelled once more – by penning a Muslim Punk manifesto called The Taqwacores. His work of fiction struck a chord with young Muslims around the world and before long, real-life Taqwacore bands were creating a scene. This film follows Michael and his band of Muslim punks as they journey across the US and Pakistan, transforming their worlds, their religion and themselves through the spirit of Taqwacore.

This is very interesting, however it's baffling me at the first time I heard this Taqwacore. Like, is it really happening? Is it allowed? I don't know... Pretty inviting some pros-cons, for real. But actually, I like this so much! Cannot wait to watch Taqwacore, but: Can anyone tell me where I can get the DVD?

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