Friday, June 18, 2010

The 2010 NBA Champion

Thursday night, Jakarta time is about 7.30 am Friday morning, Game 7 the Lakers hold off the Celtics with 79-83 and become the 2010 NBA Playoffs Champion !!!

:::: Here I present the twitter diary from mine (@captainerd) ::::

Shaq on Kobe last night before Game 7: "Especially if he wins this championship, he will probably go down as the greatest Laker ever.”
The Lakers gotta play smart and aggressive, the bench needs to play well and get more rebounds than Boston, win, win, win no matter what! Go Lakers!
Lakers start the game shooting just 3 of 15, but control the boards 10-2 (8 offensive boards) & trail 10-9 with 5:55 in the 1st.
The Lakers are shooting only 22% (ridiculous 4-for-19).
Shittt 23-14 Boston at the end of 1st quarter... Lakers ball movement poor. Defense!!!
Artest's put-back layup, after fighting off Pierce, cut Boston's lead to 4. 5-0 run to open 2nd has crowd back into the game!
Jack Nicholson was bumped by Kepin Gaynett diving into crowd LOL.. 25 for both -- 5:59 left in the half!
Here 40:34 for Boston, 2nd half's end... and Pierce keeps suck all the time pfft..
So many ugly first half stats, but the only one that matters is this: Celtics (40) - Lakers (34). Second half should be insane.
Scrappy & Hard Fought Half as the Celtics lead the Lakers 40-34 on ABC. Pierce 11, Rondo/GAYnett 6 ea, Artest 12 & Kobe 8 pts 7 rebs.
Brian Scalabrine... thanks for making me giggling =))
Score 57-53 for end of 3rd quarter.
Very interesting to see how the coaches manage minutes here. Players have to be tired after 3 slug-fest quarters...
*crossfingering*  64-64 for lakers-celtics, halftime 4th qrt.
Woohooo 5:21 to go!!! you're finally back, KOBE!  
Pa pa pa pauuu!!! <3 (He scored great shot here)


The Lakers defeat the Boston Celtics in Game Seven 83-79 and our 2010 NBA Champions. The 16th title in franchise history.
bursting to tears...... YEAHHH LAKERS!
Kobe Bryant for MVP 2010 

*euphoria continues!!*

Kobe: "I can't say enough about the Spaniard. We couldn't have won without him."
nananananana im sooo effing happppyyyy! love love love LA LAKERS.........
"I'll be damned if he goes somewhere!" Kobe wants Fish back! WE DO TOO! We LOVE FISH!

Gasol: "I'm so happy for Ron,the way he played tonight.Very productive,very aggressive..he was a huge part of our success. We didn't shoot the ball well, but we all had the desire to win, badly. Sometimes that's dangerous. We just continued to work. I'm so happy for Ron, the way he played tonight. Very productive, very aggressive ... he was a huge part of our success."
Kobe: "I just wanted it so, so bad. The more I tried to push the more it got away. I'm just glad my teammates got us back in it... 90% of what I've learned came from (Michael Jordan). It's a genuine love that I have for him & what he's done for me."  
Fish: "I can't think of another player that would have had such a massive impact on LA than Gasol since the trade... We've been the best team in the NBA at doing whatever it takes to win a title. I think that says a lot about your character."
Ron Ron's very, very, very happy up on the podium! Not sure anyone's ever been so happy. A very honest, heartfelt presser from Artest, who's going stream of consciousness. His mom, sister, wife, kids all up with him...
Thanks again, you made my day the Lakers!!!
I'll always support y'all through all times, just keep on climbing and moving!

-much love,

my favs of the Lakers
Pau Gasol (16) the Spaniard forward-center

with the 5th times MVP champion Black Mamba (24), shooting-guard, 
the Game turns out to be so amazing

Shannon Brown (12), guard-forward, from the NBA Development Program
also Rojon Rondo (9), point guard, Boston Celtics. He's a real great-skilled player

we'll meet again...
until next year!

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