Tuesday, June 15, 2010

another day, another fight: 1 step ahead, Lakers!

The Lakers came into Game 6 on June 15th, 2010, in Staples Center, Los Angeles, with vengeance and they played hard throughout the whole game! Their season was on the line – played aggressive defense, won all the hustle points and played as a team on the offensive end. 
 Kobe did not take over the game by himself – like what media excessively talked about this after the Lakers’ loss on Game 5.
The Lakers bench absolutely destroyed Boston’s bench; they played with energy and made all the big plays. 
 Thanks to their amazing Game 6 victory, the Lakers now know the recipe to bang the Celtics. “The purple and gold” are now one step closer from defending their title, and happily Game 7 will be played in Staples.

Well just a thought, one of the main differences between Game 5 and Game 6 was the energy from the Lakers. They came out playing hard and it carried all over the way. They twisted for every of the 50/50 balls. And as Games 1 through 5 went, the team that finished with more rebounds finished on top after the ultimate buzzer sounded.
 More importantly, the Lakers increased team-effort made it much easier on Kobe Bryant. Lamar Odom was active, Jordan Farmar had some huge hustle plays, Shannon Brown put down a couple of exploding-dunks and the Kobe/Gasol double act were able to have the games we’ve had in the course of the past three years. Hey, everyone’s in the Lakers contributed well!
Their defense intensity was able to remain steady for the full game. It was much easier for them to stay in tuned on the defensive end when they were feeling good about how they were operating offensively.
Facing elimination, they had their best defensive performance of the playoffs. But, there is no time to celebrate. This game did not secure a title; it simply gave them the option to fight another day. 

The Lakers will need the same power, the same intensity, and the same level of execution. They’ll need to pilot a confident to be better – Boston team will also be playing with their backs against the wall for their playoff and the chance to win the title that they much desire.
And while the injuries to Bynum and the freshly banged up Perkins (“sprained” a knee – despite the fact that it looked a lot poorer than a sprain) will likely impact what both teams can do on Game 7 – no excuses will be made and nothing will be detained. 

LA Lakers and Boston Celtics will have fun a Game 7 for the NBA Championship and it’s surely to be epic! Watching 24 guys (both Lakers and Celtics) come together to give everything they have towards achieving a goal is enormously special to observe.


I merely can’t wait…


:: anyway ::

US First Lady Michelle Obama watched the Game 6 NBA Playoffs in Staples Center

Kanye West and Snoop Dogg (I just remembered Dogg in Soul Plane lol)

...and a teen Lakers fan with vuvuzela.. 
Wait -- Whuutt???
Vuvuzela should be tuned in the World Cup 2010, South Africa now! Well that's OK though...

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