Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boost yourself!

Feel good about yourself
Think about the high when you hear your loved ones telling you that you look good after weeks of exercising and staying on track with your diet. It will boost your self-esteem like never before.

Increase in energy levels
With exercise, come increasing levels of energy. This is because of increased oxygen in the body. Regular exercise can do wonders for your body, skin and general well-being.

Fit into your favorite outfit 
How long have you hidden your favourite clothes, knowing you just don't fit in them? Well take them out! Try them on! Still don't fit? Keep them in sight so that they will motivate you to keep going.

As you keep going with your goals, you will achieve more. As you achieve more, your self-esteem will get the boost it needs. That in turn will give you confidence to do the many other things you always wanted to.

Improve the quality of your life 
Your loved ones, friends and colleagues will begin to respect you more for staying on track with your goals. Seeing you motivated, they will tend to turn to you for advice and help. Doesn't that sounds great?

Feel In-charge of your life 
Staying motivated and achieving the goals you set for yourself will help you take charge of your life and its many aspects.
Now if these reasons aren't enough, add your own to the list and ponder each one. 
Then finalize your list... stick it on your refrigerator door, on your dressing table mirror, behind your bedroom door and anywhere else you feel! 
Then read that list everyday and keep going!! Don't give up!  
You're a winner!

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