Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day: A letter to my most amazing-daddy...

Dear my most-handsome daddy J.H.H., 

You know what? Your hands are soft and kind when I was crying; your hands are hard as steel too, when I'd done wrong; and your hands aren't always gentle, but I've come to understand...
There is always LOVE in your hands, dad. 
I somehow believe that someday i will find my prince... but you, dad, will always be my King

Do you know what's on my mind just now?
Well, I reckon that a father doesn't tell you that he loves you. He shows you.
And that is what you do, my daddy.... 

I am very, very grateful having you here, in the house, near to my sight.
I can catch your smile, your anger, your tired, your boredom, your.... everything!
I love to taste your foods, those are always delicious! (though you're fond of cooking them with your own way...)
I always like your attention --  every time I have to stay overnight even up to the dawn, you come out of your room and tell mo to sleep, to get proper sleep because you don't want to see me get ill and sick.
I always ignore it and say no because this isn't done yet, dad.... But I really really really like your words.
You don't know how much it means to me...

Once I made you disappointed of me, very sad, and I felt soooo guilty. Like, okay it's fine you could just kill me....
Another chance you gave, and I am not wasting it. No more!
I promise you, dad, I am gonna bring back damn good days of both you and mommy -- so that you don't have to work hard anymore. 
I want to see you proud of me -- well, pretend not to see your 'annoying' side?
I'm kidding... Everyone has annoying side, and I'm get used to getting it and taking it from you. It just doesn't matter at all.

Daddy, I don't wanna drop more tears for this stupid useless letter (nobody would read this because nobody visit ma blog, sounds cool eh?
Thank you for raising me up and loving me like......... like, I would never ever be able to pay it back.


Hppy Father's Day, Papa.....

*anyway, you're far more handsome if you grow the beard and mustache on your face =D

-much ,
Amelia =)

"Father! - to God himself we cannot give a holier name."  
~William Wordsworth


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