Friday, June 11, 2010

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Nop. I ain't talking about the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa.
I'm not that kind of big fan of soccer, somehow, I'm looking forward to support my long time-love team Italy (Yeah, forza Azzuri!) and Brazil, go Samba team!
But again, no soccer thang here in the posting.
It is THE 2010 FINALS NBA PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!
How I always been a great fan and supporter of LA LAKERS.
It feels really nice, real awesome seeing my sweetie (what???), okay, my adorable LAKERS made it through to 2010 Finals!!!
Once they were the winner over Boston Celtics.
Many times, they lost it like idiots. Because I could see actually they were a big team, everyone knew that. But in the past, even in round 1 they failed.
I call it life anyway, up and down.
This is the RIGHT time they must grab to show how Lakers-haters are soooo wrong. Totally!
Anyway, I haven't mentioned the Celtics, have I?
The long-back rivalry series meet again woohoo!
It what makes all these 2010-Finals games more superb, Celtics versus Lakers, baby, and you gotta see the fair vengeance played. Speaking of "fair" and "revenge", It's kinda sorry for me to watch many physical action controlled the games - not all the 1 to 4 Game series - but I guess Celtics players are not playing fairly from the beginning to the end. I must admit also that Lakers just do the same. It's been a long time the Finals, and especially the Playoffs series, playing 100 percent fair? What are yo, some kind of saints? hahaha
That's OK for me as long as both teams striking each other like spaz and running toward what already stolen from them, the points!

From fabulous jumpshoots, awesomeeee three-point shoots, crazy dunk styles, layups, steals balls, passing balls, and thooose basketball movement have been created by both Celtics and Lakers...
I am personally not a hater of that Green team though, but it's different that I must consider and deal with Lakers who nicely playing there in the same arena with the Green in the REAL Finals 2010 Playoffs, for God's sake! Of course I gotta pissed Boston off, make them shut up, curse 'em up, and so on and so forth LOL
I'm tryin yo know, to be like the step-evil-mother like Cruela of the Devil? hahahaha

Enough typing shits like nothing to do - indeed pile of ASSignments waiting to get killed - and here you go I give y'all the scores so far from Game 1 up to Game 4 last Friday (GMT +0700) for Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers:
Series: Tied 2-2

Game 1 @ LAL
LAL 102, BOS 89 

Game 2 @ LAL
BOS 103, LAL 94 

Game 3 @ BOS
LAL 91, BOS 84

Game 4 @ BOS
BOS 96, LAL 89

Game 5 @ BOS
Sun, Jun 13 8:00pm EDT (Jakarta: 7.30 am)

Game 6 @ LAL*
Tue, Jun 15 9:00pm EDT

Game 7 @ LAL*
Thu, Jun 17 9:00pm EDT

*if necessary

And some photos from Game 1 to Game 4. The photos may look funny, seriously, and that's the point! Fun plus Pro! It's the Game, dude...

                          Doc Rivers - Celtics' coach            Phil Jackson - Lakers' coach


GAME 1, Staples Center


GAME 2, Staples Center


GAME 3, Boston


GAME 4, Boston




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