Monday, July 19, 2010

not that ambitious, but hey don't blame my Virgo sign...

I pledge allegiance to my world, that I am going to have a fit well-built body like Ciara Princess Harris.
In.... err, in the next 3 months!
And by the new 2011, I'll just maintain it, and PROUD of myself!

*well, I don't sound like too ambitious, do I?
But it's a good and positive thought, right? Yeah right! 

You know, unlike other women who perhaps like some blonde celebs or top-mentioned ones, I hell love Ciara. I think she is my girl-crush...
Like, totally! :)

Hey, look at those goddamn great legs!

Another thing I love of her is she's friendly (from some infotainment's news-report and Ciara-herself uploaded video for fans. Nice, isn't it?) and her smile is just soooo humble...

...and last one, her cornrow (yeah I've been falling in love with cornrow and would like to have it one day myself...) and style! (Please, peeps. She is different with what-people-been-comparing her to Beyonce tsk.)



Coco said...

bener bener deh ciara, badannya asik banget.... Harus mulai olahraga lagi nihh,pake heels :D

Deisha Tamar said...

gw anorexia dulu deh atau bulimia..

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