Thursday, July 15, 2010

stop try and wish; just work it

While enjoying and having two months of holiday before getting back to be a beezy bee, I've been feeling both so strong and drop at the same time.
What I mean is the strength I got, it's like I'm getting (much better) to realize what I really want, what I'd do after this, what's goin' to happen on me in the next phase...
I ain't a psychic though, but this is it. You know, like deep inside you truly want something, a lot more like CRAVING.
I don't know if this is gonna change thru days and times, but just see...
One thing I'm considered to be very crucial is I am not going to let ANYONE, ANYWHO, PEOPLE, influence me in a negative way -- in a way that's not so into me. I'm gonna do what I want, for ma own benefit. As long as I don't interrupt their life, so what? :)
Well in the end, Imma stranger to y'all, aren't I?
I am blessed of having many good and amazing people as my inspirations!
Those people are unpredictable for some of people, and probably they're just lookin' at me in a disgusting way and whispering "Freak!" at me. Hey, thanks!
And the "drop" feeling is the thing that I am always afraid of. It sucks, indeed. I want to get rid of this BAD trait.
I don't wanna be an 'afraid and doubtful' person; I should be just dare and behave well.
Because I know I can do it, I'm able to handle it.. But you know, I'm just... afraid! Hahahahaa damn.
Well I guess, just keep myself real and moving on. Trying hard to be better in BRAVENESS and not to imagine the worst thing can happen in my oh-so-awesome imagination-mind...
Amiiin... (??)

peace out and L.O.V.E!

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