Thursday, July 8, 2010

this butter can fly

Yellouu willow...

I've hardly posted any (boring) stories of mine lately... err yeah, for the last (numerous) weeks. I don't know what was I thinking...
but you know, hard days, busy weekends, sleepless nights = these made me barely totally looked like a menopause old-lady who lost her memory about where the heck she put her dammit glasses at the last time (wtf???)

Not that bad, actually..
Well, I found this kjut hairclip belongs to Mommy (I thought so.. not really sure tho)
and pose my annoying face, didn't edit it, tryin to post it to Twitter (like most people did! Haaaaa!)

and now... I feel like, "Okay, just stop it. You don't have that hall-of-fame looks which people may get attracted to.."

And ooh, one thing!
What is up with LeBron huh? That man took too much time to decide.. Hey James, Wade and Bosh already landed in Miami.
err-- anyone else notice that the NBA has gone from a dog eat dog world to a place where best friends can trade stickers and trapper keepers?

But don't get me wrong! I like him. I'm on the list as LBJ fan (not the die-hard one, that phase of being fan-girl? it's when I was a teen...)
It's like, I adore his funny and cheerful traits, and of course his skill (and his ambitious mind? Dudee, everyone got one, aight?)
Too many haters of him, as well as the fans, but it is a no-big deal.
The two-sides of things are following us everyone.. 
And for LeBron? It's also the third-party called "dollar$" (hahahaha.. hey, mind to be ma uncle, James?)
*in your dream!*

Woody Hayes said, "Nothing that comes easy in this world is worth a damn."
Michael Jordan may rest easily then and his crown will be just safe...

Catch ya later!

-- Amelia

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