Friday, July 9, 2010

You know what; the free-agent thing sucks

Well, whatever LBJ decided, in the end it's all his life, man...
He obviously knows what he wants and what to do with it. And finally it goes to the Miami Heat -- the south beach zone.
Go LeBron!!! Good luck.
Keep up the funk-fun of yours within...

ESPN created “The Decision” as much as they could (as is usually the case when a five second soundbite is all that matters in an hour-long program) going so far as to show photoshopped images of James in different uniforms, just sooo a tactic....

So the new super-hot Heat's form: Chris Bosh #1, Dwyane Wade #3, LeBron #6 and Mario Chalmers #15. (Wade and Bosh's jerseys haven't yet released. Funny, isn't it?)

peace out!

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