Friday, August 27, 2010

King of pop’s spirit lives on

Michael Jackson, one of the most-beloved entertainers and possibly one of the most influential artists of
all-time, left an indelible legacy in pop culture. Jackson was hugely successful with his solo career, and his blend of impressive singing and dancing skills won him countless number of imitators. Countless performers, from Usher and Justin Timberlake to Korean pop sensation Rain, have tried to carve out their own niche in pop, but no one has been able to replace the legendary Michael Jackson.
When the news broke of his untimely death last year at the age of 50, no fan wanted to let his memory go. In Indone-sia, fans set up a community called Michael Jackson Indonesia (MJI) as part of
their effort to keep the legacy of the erstwhile King of Pop alive — in the face of jeers from non-fans who derided Jackson’s bizarre lifestyle. This community is also the only avenue by which local fans of Jackson could come together in their love for him.

For them, June 25 is a sacred day, the day when the news of Jackson’s death shocked the world. Fans channeled their shock and grief on the Internet that day and the webcast of Jackson’s memorial service was one of the most-watched web-based events in the Internet era.

In the final chapter of his life, Jackson may have fallen from grace, but millions of fans still paid him the respect he deserved for his musical genius. Fans feel it is their duty to keep Jackson’s legacy alive.
Irwin, a Michael Jackson impersonator, leads members of MJI for a dance to the Beat It tune during the flash mob.Irwin, a Michael Jackson impersonator, leads members of MJI for a dance to the Beat It tune during the flash mob.

The community was founded by two Jackson fans, Irwin Jackson and Abdillah Syukur. Both discussed the possibility of establishing the community after learning that there were probably millions of fans like them in the country.

Just like every new community, these people first went to the social networking site, Facebook. They set up an account on Facebook, and it did not take long for dozens of fans to sign up. By the end of 2009, Irwin and Abdillah set up a website, and billed it as the first local official website for Jackson fans.
Irwin said the website also transcends nationality, allowing people from all over the world to join, and “strengthen their relationships so they can nurture their love for the King of Pop.”

Today, the Michael Jackson Indonesia community has more than 9,000 members and counting. To keep track of its members, the community is in the process of distributing membership cards.

The community holds frequent events in which fans can meet and greet, and show their love for Michael Jackson. Members trade Jackson merchandise, from compact discs and posters, as well as replica jackets and costumes, from their collections.

Some fans may have more memorabilia than others, but they all share an unshakable affection for Jackson. “Some of the collection may be incomplete, but I will never lose the dancing skills I learned from Michael,” Irwin said. “We usually hold the event in Bandung, because the majority of the community members live there. We hold the event in malls, cafes and other places.”

Other parts of event programs include karaoke-ing to Jackson’s hits and theater performances as well as charity activities, in keeping with the humanitarian efforts of their hero.
“Last March we visited a village in Ciwidey, Bandung regency, West Java, after a landslide hit the village to donate clothes and money. At the event, we also sung Jackson tunes and staged moon-walking dances to entertain the victims,” Irwin said.

For this Ramadan, the community expects to hold a breaking-the-fast event among fans. “The event will also celebrate Jackson’s birthday on Aug. 29,” Irwin said.

For many of the fans, the birthday celebration will be the moment when they can contemplate the legacy of Jackson. Prior to Jackson’s death, the news media seemed to be focusing only on his bizarre antics, from plastic surgery that went awry, his animal menagerie that was the Neverland ranch to child molestation scandals — but his true fans never doubted him.

And if the sale of his posthumous albums is any indication, Jackson is getting new fans by the thousands and the Michael Jackson community is more than happy to embrace them. The community has also benefited from the sudden outpouring of love and renewed interest in the legend after his death.

“We had opportunities to perform on television programs, were interviewed by the media and struck deals for performances,” said Irwin, who is also an impersonator of Jackson. He is well-known for his ability to smoothly mimic Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

In October last year, the community held an event called “Flashmob Beat It,” during which more than 200 Jackson impersonators and MJI members suddenly made appearances at a designated location, performing the dance moves from the wildly popular Jackson video Beat It at the Kelapa Gading Mall and and La Piazza in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

The stunt was held to build up hype surrounding the release of This Is It, the last movie about Jackson containing footage from Jackson’s preparation for his final concert tour. He died shortly before its opening date.

“It was the most memorable and heartfelt moment we’ve ever experienced. We got coverage from both the national and international media. And this program was also sponsored by Jackson’s record label and an international retail bank,” said Irwin, who led the performance. “We’re very proud of this. We really want to promote Jackson’s spirit, his dance, music, attitude, dreams and thoughts.”

Some of these fans have nurtured their love of Jackson from early in their childhood and as a result they could rehash some of their idols’ most difficult dance moves. Twelve-year-olds Caroline, Nadya and Samuel wowed the crowd when they donned Dangerous era costumes and sung and danced to the tunes from the album.

Costumes, the most important factor the business of Jackson’s impersonations, are not difficult to obtain for these kids. All they have to do is show their tailors a picture of a Jackson costumes and they will make them in no time. The number of Jackson fans grew exponentially after his death.
“Before his death, we did not know that Jackson had that many fans here, and this community is to facilitate them. Now Indonesian fans can catch up with each other and we are more solid now,” Irwin said.

More than just imitating the legend, the community also aims to accentuate the positive side of Jackson. Members of the community firmly believed that the accusations of child molestation were unfounded and designed to destroy Jackson’s reputation.

“To counter the accusation we shot videos and uploaded them on YouTube, presenting facts about him. We want people to know the difference between the truth and rumors and by presenting the fact, we want them to judge for themselves,” Irwin says.

Perhaps the most important message left by Jackson that the community tries to convey is the phrase from one of his most famous hits, Heal the World: “make the world a better place to live in”. That is what they are trying to do, one dance step at a time.

— Photos courtesy of Michael Jackson Indonesia

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oooowuoo craaazy...

What's up, ghost-readers?

So I want to bring up some points that have been bothering me these days. Like, really stuck in ma head and everytime I wanted "them" to get out; failed.

It was the feeling of romance. (D'oh!)
Hahaha yeah lame, dude. I mean, I never thought of it before, and I always survive of just what I am now, but then it came out of the blue and I didn't ready. I didn't want it. It annoyed me. It wasted my single-bingle time. It diminished my mind.
Alright probably you may see me as a... wtf person (Yes?) just because, ahemm I repeat... JUST BECAUSE I got a crush.
Hoorrayy!!! (horn's sounded)
There are a few close friends who know that I am not a kind of hooker hooker girl. They know I am a serious one (what?), and when it comes to a relationship or a lover, I might both fight with myself and show that person how much I care about him. Reality check! 
I'm also a Virgo (but not a zodiac whore) and perfection is on the very front cover of my dictionary. And that's so true if some of you label me as a "too picky" one. Look, I don't wanna get in a bad romance or an unhealthy before-after relationship. Even a crush for me is just the same with how I choose the one to be my lover. But I don't plan things at all, like when I get crush with a man means I "pick" him as my crush.
N'ah ah. Not true.
I let it naturally, Heaven knows.

Well, the crush who I like now (dammit I hate to write this, but nobody to talk to rrrr), is a complete stranger.
         Me 2.0: pardon me, what just did you say?
My crush is a STRANGER. I already capslocked that.
         Me 2.0: .........

Can you believe that? This stranger is out there, he's exist, breathing and living in somewhere in this city. I knew him from a so-called Social Networking Site. Clueless about his life, I've chosen not to find out anything about him. I've chosen to forget my feeling. I've chosen to pretend it's not happening. I've chosen not to care and curious about this stranger. I've chosen to ignore checking his page; and ALL OF THESE has successfully led me into a more craving and deeper curiousity.
            Me 2.0: You're allowed to shout, "Aaarrgghhh!" now, my deer...
I think the "too picky"-title fits me well.
Moreover, I don't wanna describe him here, just in case that (unlucky) man read my stupid blog and recognize that this is him? I swear I'm gonna kill myself by jumping from the Semanggi's bridge...

Hey you stranger-to-be-the-crush, you got me, you hit me, who are you! (isn't that suppose to use a question mark?) Feels like I'm about to sing, "you drive me craaaazy, I just can't sleep. I'm so excited I'm in to deep.. woowooo oooo craaazyyy, but it feels alright. Baby thinkin' of ya keeps me up all night!"
Me 2.0: Question... Do you wish that life has at least an undo button to click?

Another one is a personal annoyance, for me, and it's been much disturbing.
I always lack of self-confidence.
People and friends NEVER believe that I'm not a confidence woman. Indeed I am, and I'm tired to know that they hypothesized this by looking at my oddness and weird behavior. I strongly oppose them all, mader-effer. I won't at all provide the argument behind my cons thought.

I really need a guru who can seed me the confidence-granule and grow me that until it is ripe enough for me to take care of myself. Totally, I cannot effing see my bold, my plus-quality (despite my plus size haha), and my positive... These bullshits just floating like crazy out of my head -- and inside my head and scattering all over me is only the negative sides of me.
I know it sounds pretty lame and insane. I don't take it on the daily doses; but when it comes to PMS days or a disappointed-ness time shows up and calls me to come closer, I always get down and give up easily (I let me mock myself, confused? Me either.).
I dislike it, ghost-readers... Hate it.

To end this perfectly, I'd like to say that nobody can ever put me down or treat me bad. Nobody is responsible and can be blame for my happiness. Nobody throws me shit on the face can get out of it alive because I'm going to tear them into pieces.
Nobody cares. True, right?

Me 2.0: Nice saying, maybe you should get a better sleeping time?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too good, and yall know that!

"I’m tough, I’m ambitious and I know exactly what I want. 
If that makes me a bitch…Okay." 
~Madonna Ciccone

Monday, August 23, 2010

Love your own body

Love your body campaign's aim is to ask all women to love their bodies, no matter what size the clothes to buy, because you know: If the clothes you wanna buy doesn't fit you, it's the clothes that are wrong - not you!
Just be healthy and be happy...
Curvy is the thing that makes women a real women!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guys like you make us look bad

When you are measured based on jokes you deliver, based on defense-game you trick in order to protect your bff, and based on what other-claim-to-know-things-much-better-than-anyone; do you think you're lucky enough that you got a hater?
"Forgive your enemies but never forget their names." 
- W. Churchill

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team Virgo!

Well, there are 12 sun signs in total. All of them share equal significance. The Individuals born between the dates August 23-September 23 fall under the category of Virgo. Most likely, people in Virgo tend to have generally these following traits:

Artistic Traits
Virgo individuals are extremely imaginative people who typically stand out at lettering, drama, work of art and other creative endeavors. They can really create some memorable pieces of art.

Aptitude Traits
Virgos are expected leaders as they are frequently very eloquent and smart. They are really liked by a lot of people due to their honesty and helpful nature. Well, we can easily depend on such individuals.

Enigmatic Traits
Despite the fact that Virgos are popular and cooperative, they are usually extremely mysterious regarding their confidential lives. This is the main reason why most of the people don't want to maintain a serious relationship with them.

Serious Traits 
Such individuals in Virgo can really sound harsh and rude to other people sometimes. However, they never mean to hurt anybody. But yeah, they only want the truth and honesty to be delivered.

Perfectionist Qualities
It is pretty important to note that Virgo individuals prefer each and everything to be wonderful. No matter it is home cleaning or any other relevant work they love to do every thing in a perfect manner. We can easily say that they are absolutely perfect in their work approach.

Besides, Virgos are inventive and systematic people, they are fanatical about hygiene. Virgos can moreover be happy-go-lucky live wires or a long-suffering loner
They might even prove to be remote and temperamental or relaxed and enjoyable. So, we can see that they are really contrasting characters. Most of the Virgos seek sovereignty and try to attain it in the easiest possible way. One of their weaknesses is that one can easily take advantage of such individuals

Some other details:
Virgo's symbol: the Virgin
Stone: Sapphire
Planet/element: Mercury/Earth
Color: Blue
Life pursuit: To do the right thing

Enjoy the company of Virgos!

cheers! xoxo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brave enough?

You know what,
It’s not brave if you’re not scared.

Monday, August 16, 2010

laugh my fugging axs off

Redfoo and Sky-Blue really know what to do and how to make people (re: music listeners and girls, obviously) feel like partying all day long.
No. It's not that they're the kick-ass party organizer or a party singers - who usually suck. lol.
They formed a group called LMFAO who mixed up the techno-band instruments with great tunes yet inspiring (plus funny) lyrics...
These couple of nephew and uncle got the damncool tunes, having been working with Kanye West, David Guetta, Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas, Lil Jon (yeah, dat king of crunk!) and else you can mention; they love them!
Even the future business, bird-says spread the news that Lady GaGa hired them! I mean, it's gonna be another GaGa's next hit single right?

Despite talking about LMFAO more and more -- hey dude, you can Googling it just now zzz -- I'd like to pick some of their merchs as my wishlist. But I think the wishlist would only be a "wish-til-you-die-list"; perhaps I won't get 'em as easy as those living in LA or towns in the USA.
Well, being realistic doesn't ruin my mood, so here we go, the stuff I love the most and badly want 'em all to be in ma clothes-wardrobe:

First of all, the glasses. Can I get a pair with minus with them?

Second is the foam-finger! Don't you feel a deja vu of the Purple & Gold thang? =) 
I love both!

Then I'd like to wear this legging which has the taste of disco (??). 
Sounds so lame of me.. lol JK

Next, it's the panty! Don't wonder why... just too cool to wear.

Mention this bright sky-blue long tank...

Don't forget the leather effing kewl jacket!

Then the necklace, ladies and gentlemen!

Then I'm so ready to get crunk, real crunk!
Down to the business, gonna rules the world with LMFAO everyday but get seriously at the time for some real deal... Yeah you know what I mean: Live the life joyfully but don't forget to reach your goals, life's a comedy anyway (even tough we just don't get it most of the time! lol. Eh I mean, LMFAO!)

"Yes, It's on and poppin', the parties rockin', the cuties shockin' and there ain't no stoppin'!"

Cheerio! xoxo

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interesting websites to kill boredom

If you have nothing to do on a Saturday night, you can still entertain yourself by sitting back and being lazy in front of your computer, and now you don’t necessarily have to log on to Facebook or Twitter.

Some of us may have gotten lost on the web, browsing numerous sites before finally deciding to turn the computer off. You may be tired of the same old material offered on the net, but you also may be totally in the dark when searching for new information. If you feel like killing time, here are some worthwhile suggestions (but blame yourself if you eventually spend more time browsing).

The first suggestion is (IMMD). With its full page layout of bright orange and blue colors, the site will “make your day”. IMMD allows us to share our own amusing, sentimental and wacky experiences. IMMD can draw us out of boredom with a little bit of that winning feeling — something joyful and capable of really making our day.

You can find stories like, “I was walking my 200-pound, 6-ft-long dog when she veered off the sidewalk. I looked around and saw a cat in a tree. My huge dog is afraid of cats!”

Another entry described “My 6-year-old daughter said she was playing house, so I asked how many kids she had. None, she replied. I just have a cane and I’m really sarcastic to sick people who lie.”

A website called is one to enjoy and make us feel better about ourselves. is a burgeoning new website where “pictures that simply amuse us and make us laugh, whether it is captured on the street, on the way home, or wherever we see them.” Just like IMMD, users can upload and post photos and descriptions.
For example, in one picture there is a roadside sign which reads “Pet Area”, but just above it stands a larger road sign saying “No Pets Allowed!”.

Another good site is From the name, you may presume something is not quite right. This site shows us snapshots of parents who have also contributed to Facebook pages.

One epic moment must be when we discover our parents have become active on Facebook. One of the “victims” says, “My mom asked who I was seeing. Not thinking anything bad would happen, I showed her the link to my boyfriend’s page. I was wrong. She sent him a message, and now I’m forever mortified.” You’ll find many similar stories on

Another great site is, which lists just about anything. It has “Top 10 Best ‘Yo Mama’ Jokes”, “Top 10 Not Totally OK Ways We Remember Titanic”, “Top 10 Weirdest Looking Emo Kids” and many more. The site is arranged in the following categories: politics, global news, social, entertainment, gaming, music, boxing, fashion, food and drink, history, mobile and green. You will need plenty spare of time to visit them all.

Next, try — a blog that covers tips and tricks for streamlining our lives with technology. The blog says that a hacker “believes information-sharing is a powerful and positive tool, and that it’s a hacker’s duty to share expertise”. 
Creating a blog is a gesture of “good-will”. Updated several times daily, highlights software downloads, websites, do-it-yourself projects, how-to tutorials, shortcuts and tips for going beyond default settings and getting things done in the most clever, unexpected and efficient manner. 
The site helps us to save time with an infinite stream of great tricks leading to a tech-savvy lifestyle. The blog advertises itself as “self-help for power users”, and can be applied using Macintosh, Windows or Linux computers. is published by Gawker Media, a team which is also responsible for Gizmodo, Fleshbot and Gawker.

Finally, the last suggested site is, which claims its mission is “to keep you from boredom” You’ll be equipped with facts, riddles, games, and other entertainment on the Bored blog. Users can access hundreds of free flash games (arcade, casino, dress-up, multiplayer, racing, sports) and videos on The blog also has hundreds of alternative links to stimulate the less sophicated part of your brain.

If you’re bored of games, click on the Image, fun, humor or quiz buttons. On the humor page, there are dull tips such as “Disposable razor: Do not use this product during an earthquake”, or a bumper stickers that read “It’s impolite to stare!” or “Don’t steal, the government hates competition!”, or excuses like “It’s against my religion to work on Mondays and Thursdays” and “I’ve got amnesia, who are you?”

Spend time visiting these websites, and have fun!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

The heroins obsession with stardom

The Broadway-themed show would be reshaped so that all the musical numbers would take place with vaudeville routines in the dreamy imagination of Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and (Velma's lawyer that Roxie wants to engage with) Billy Flynn. 

The tale Chicago — based on the crimes of a couple of real-life celebrity murderesses in the 1920s — was first fictionalized in a 1926 Broadway play, which then became a silent movie in 1927, then a film in 1942.
The winner of six Tony Awards musical movie is an electrifying and sexy tale of greed, murder and showbiz; filled with such hit songs as All That Jazz and Razzle Dazzle.
Chicago features some of Broadway's best dancing a gorgeous ensemble performing sizzling numbers and choreographed in the style of the past Bob Fosse.

As in my opinion it rather hard to retell and amuse yall with the Chicago story, why don't you find its DVD? I ensure you would like it, yes? Unless you don't take it seriously which is kinda sucks... :p
It's Indonesia, dude, we can get the "cheap-version" of DVD with the very reachable price to purchase!
I know, right? lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keep on going 'strong' during Ramadan

Discontinuing exercise can also cause weight gain during Ramadan. Most people reduce their workloads in some way stating "It's Ramadan so I should rest."
Really? I don't think so...

Continuing to exercise is a healthy way to enjoy Ramadan. It maintains balance. Balance is achieved when the spiritual, mental, and physical life is maintained. During Ramadan the spirit is kept healthy by purging the self of all negativity, including the negativity that may be associated with the fast. The mental self is maintained through regular reading of the Al-Quran. The physical self is kept strong through a light workout
Many people have stated that they gain weight throughout Ramadan. This mainly occurs because once the fast is broken at night, food is enjoyed and sleep overtakes you. The body systems slow and the components of food are stored during sleep. But if there is a committed effort to exercise during the day, then the food that is consumed will go toward muscle repair.

The best time to work out is right after the fast begins. During the morning meal, a person should endeavor to eat light and healthy: a diet of fruit and some meat, or other protein such as eggs or nuts. Protein should be eaten to recover; however, you should try to avoid eating a lot of protein at night. Eat a small portion of meat at night and a small portion in the morning or have a meat substitute if one is vegetarian. Do not forget to hydrate at night and in the morning. These eating habits will provide you with enough energy to exercise for at least thirty minutes in the morning. If working out in the morning is not an option, then working out at lunch time is the next best time to exercise. The work day is half over and this is the point in the day when energy levels are going down. Exercising in the middle of the day is a healthy option that help restores energy and feelings of well-being.

Adjust fitness goals in Ramadan,
If your goals are to lose weight, get stronger or simply to become more physically fit put improvements on hold during this month. Make your goal simply to maintain where you are. Making fitness or weight loss improvements requires you giving your body a deficient of some sort which causes a reduction in energy, and often compromises the immune system. Both of these can significantly affect your ability to fast. So instead of overworking your system to get your body to change simply maintain where you are and prevent yourself from going backwards.

Reduce the intensity of exercise,
It will allow you to stay consistent in working out without over taxing your energy reserve. If you normally run, reduce to a speed walk, and if you normally workout for an hour reduce your workout time to 30-45 minutes. The most important thing to do this month is to continue to exercise. Consistency is the key ingredient to maintaining your fitness level.

A combination of resistance training,
Circuit training in general is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and it has the extra benefit of allowing you to burn more calories in a short amount of time. A circuit is performed by doing 3-6 exercises/movement in a quick succession without stopping between each exercise. Doing this will allow you to build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance all in one workout.

Workout when it really "works",
If you feel the need to fit a good workout, you may have to plan your workout in your day. Instead of exercising when it's convenient choose a time when you have the most energy and it won't compromise your fast. This may mean waking up just 20 minutes earlier than you would normally for Dzuhur so you can work out and then eat immediately in the break the fast time. Pay attention to your energy level during the first few days of Ramadan and find a time that works for you. Whatever time or day or night your energy level allows you to expend extra calories without becoming fatigued is the best time of day for you to exercise.

Ultimately, remember that Ramadan does not have to be the time of year to lose weight. Focus on the meaning of Ramadan, follow the tenants of good health recommended by our Prophet and you will find the weight will come off.

Happy Ramadan and have a great shaum, peeps!

color my world

Life is pleasant.
Death is peaceful.
It's the transition that's troublesome
-Jimi Hendrix

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dressing for whatever-anybody-shapes

I strongly believe: If the clothes you want to buy don't fit you well and pull it off pretty good with  your personality and attitude, then it must be the clothes that were made NOT for you.
I mean, Come on! How many years ahead we would let ourselves "torturing" our body and soul to get fit to the smallest size of clothes?

As every women, every men, everyone, are genuinely different for all kind of small things - we can not expect to wear the same XSSSS size of dress, or tee or even jeans! For God's sake, what's the matter of having a curvy, big butt or boobs, or cheek like a chubby? Is it measuring how smart you are huh? Or is it referring directly for people to see your kindhearted and nice personality? NO. I say, NOT AT ALL.

Well, here you go.
This is a general overview (not a sort of rules you gotta follow, dear...) to dress up and show off your best parts. Remember, "best parts" doesn't mean you have to show off some skin or wear an-unfinished-look-alike dress.. lol

Fit is essential.
The most important rule to remember when it comes to dressing your body is FIT. If your clothes are too tight, you won’t look or feel good. If they’re too loose, ditto. Clothes that fit you perfectly will be more flattering than anything else, period.

Black minimizes & white maximizes.
If you want to draw attention to a certain part of your body – like your great legs or toned upper body, wear white or another light color on that part. Light colors create a focal point, while dark colors take the attention away. Stick to light colors and pastels for areas that you want to be seen.

Patterns draw attention.
Just like the color white, you can use bold patterns to draw attention to certain parts of your outfit. To draw attention to your upper body, wear a patterned top with a plain pair of pants or a skirt and opaque tights. Or what about polka dot ballet flats and a funky patterned scarf? The options are endless.

Fashion is all about proportions.
Ever wonder why an outfit just looks great on someone, even though you don’t particularly like the clothes? It’s probably because of the proportions of that look. When an outfit is balanced, it looks symmetrical, something that’s visually pleasing to most people.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to recharge!

This Ramadan, let's make it as a month of change, insha Allah.
Let's pass the final exam! Let's come back to the root of Islam. Let's start to lead our Life according to Islam based on Quran and Sunnah. Let's get closer and closer to Allah. Let's have our sins forgiven...
Let's give up false statements (like telling lies or riya or ghibah), and evil deeds, and speaking bad words and judge others. Let's strive to have our necks saved from the hellfire...

This Ramadan, let's recharge our iman and revive the Deen in our heart, in our family and in our communities, insha Allah! =)

Wishing y'all in advance a blessed and happy Ramadan!May Allah (Subhanahu wata'ala) grant us the ability to plan and utilize this blessed month to achieve the highest reward and forgiveness... Amin Ya Allah... =]

you don't want to know iMac's moroners were exist...

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