Friday, August 6, 2010

Body shape

I always successfully confused about, "What is kind of shape that my body about???" And, it's not because I haven't read any articles or Googling about it. Indeed, I have done it -- like billion times just to find my body shape. But again it fails miserably. My reason is, nothing of those articles or writings are clearly stated and mention how you, and me absolutely, can straightforwardly notice your body shape.
Then I got lost again (my habit) on the net-world, and found this great writings explaining the body shape you got. Nice.
I mean, NICE (with "capslock").
Now I know my shape, yeay! Well, I think God gives me the Hour Glass Shape and it says that "...well defined waist and proportional breasts and hips. Curvy body shape... you’re one lucky woman!" >> Really? Hmmm...
Okey dokey, let's find out what shape are you really into?

Hour Glass Shape
A much sought after body, with a curvy body type. Well defined waist and proportional breasts and hips. If you turn sideways you can visualize an S shape on your body’s profile. Their only flaw? If they gain weight, they have a tendency to gain it all over the body. Celebrities with and Hour Glass Shape include Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie.

Signs you are an Hour Glass:
1. When shopping for clothes, your tops’ size always matches your bottoms’
2. You tend to have the most common body size, and have trouble buying clothes during a sale
3. People tell you “You should be a model”

Tips: You’re one lucky woman! With your body type you can pretty much wear any style you want.

Apple Shape

You’re top heavy, and smaller from the waist down. The Apple is similar to the Hour Glass, but you have slightly larger upper body with broad shoulders.
Think of an upside down triangle with the two corners on the top. That would represent your shoulders. Celebrities with Apple shape bodies include Tyra Banks and Dolly Parton.

Signs you are an Apple:
1. Large chest or breasts for your frame
2. Broad shoulders
3. Or generally your upper body has a larger frame compared to your bottom’s

Tips: Avoid wearing low cut tops, instead wear shirts with high necklines or thick straps. Wrap shirts and wrap dresses are best for your body shape. V necklines are flattering as long as they don’t show too much cleavage. Because of your large chest, if you show too much, it can look sluty instead of flattering.

Pear Shape

You are smaller on top, and larger on the bottom. Think of a tear drop shape, it gets larger at the bottom. Chances are, you have trouble finding a dress the right size and your pant size is 2 or more sizes bigger than your shirt size. If you have a similar body type to Oprah, then you’re a Pear.

Signs you are a Pear:
1. Large hips and thighs
2. Smaller upper body
3. When you gain weight, it tends to show up around your thighs and hips

Tips: If you want to draw the attention from how big your thighs and butt are, wear loose fitting tops with slim fitting pants or jeans. If you don’t mind your shape, then show off your curves with slim fitting clothes that accentuate your small waist. Remember that you should wear solid, dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top (light colors draw the attention to your top).

Round Shape

Most of your weight is around your tummy, and you probably have large breasts. You have an overall rounded body shape with a wide waist. Many women at one point or another will fall under this shape due to natural changes in the body.

Signs you are a Round shape:
1. You have narrow shoulders and hips.
2. You don’t have a well defined waistline
3. The centre of your body is largest
4. Or you may wear plus sizes.

Tips: Prints and patterns will help distract the eyes away from the body. A staple item for you should be a body shaper. These are great when you want to wear dresses. Tummy control underwear or pantyhose will to help flatten your gut. 
Shorter shorts will make your entire body appear longer. You want to try to define your waist as much as possible. Buy clothes that will accentuate your waist and make your top and bottom appear bigger. Remember the goal when dressing is to have an hourglass figure in the end.

Slim or Athletic Shape

You’ve got a small frame in general, with little or no curves. Slim/Athletic women have small bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage.

Signs you’re Slim/Athletic:
1. You’re an athlete!
2. Your body hasn’t fully matured yet
3. People always tell you “You’re so skinny!”
4. You wear tall or petite sizes
5. Or you have a small bust size

Tips: If you aren’t very curvy, your goal should be to create curves (in the right places). If you have small breasts, wear push up or add-a-cup-size bras to make your top half larger. Wear knee-length skirts that flare out. A-line skirts are very flattering. Choose solid colors and avoid designs that are too detailed. You want a smooth appearance to make your breasts and butt pop out.

**pictures and informations courtesy  of "your-swimsuit-guide"


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