Saturday, August 14, 2010

The heroins obsession with stardom

The Broadway-themed show would be reshaped so that all the musical numbers would take place with vaudeville routines in the dreamy imagination of Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and (Velma's lawyer that Roxie wants to engage with) Billy Flynn. 

The tale Chicago — based on the crimes of a couple of real-life celebrity murderesses in the 1920s — was first fictionalized in a 1926 Broadway play, which then became a silent movie in 1927, then a film in 1942.
The winner of six Tony Awards musical movie is an electrifying and sexy tale of greed, murder and showbiz; filled with such hit songs as All That Jazz and Razzle Dazzle.
Chicago features some of Broadway's best dancing a gorgeous ensemble performing sizzling numbers and choreographed in the style of the past Bob Fosse.

As in my opinion it rather hard to retell and amuse yall with the Chicago story, why don't you find its DVD? I ensure you would like it, yes? Unless you don't take it seriously which is kinda sucks... :p
It's Indonesia, dude, we can get the "cheap-version" of DVD with the very reachable price to purchase!
I know, right? lol

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Anonymous said...

i actually own the dvd. i watched in the theaters once, a long time ago. i liked it. somehow, the dvd is still in its original packaging and hasn't been opened. go figure!

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