Monday, August 16, 2010

laugh my fugging axs off

Redfoo and Sky-Blue really know what to do and how to make people (re: music listeners and girls, obviously) feel like partying all day long.
No. It's not that they're the kick-ass party organizer or a party singers - who usually suck. lol.
They formed a group called LMFAO who mixed up the techno-band instruments with great tunes yet inspiring (plus funny) lyrics...
These couple of nephew and uncle got the damncool tunes, having been working with Kanye West, David Guetta, Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas, Lil Jon (yeah, dat king of crunk!) and else you can mention; they love them!
Even the future business, bird-says spread the news that Lady GaGa hired them! I mean, it's gonna be another GaGa's next hit single right?

Despite talking about LMFAO more and more -- hey dude, you can Googling it just now zzz -- I'd like to pick some of their merchs as my wishlist. But I think the wishlist would only be a "wish-til-you-die-list"; perhaps I won't get 'em as easy as those living in LA or towns in the USA.
Well, being realistic doesn't ruin my mood, so here we go, the stuff I love the most and badly want 'em all to be in ma clothes-wardrobe:

First of all, the glasses. Can I get a pair with minus with them?

Second is the foam-finger! Don't you feel a deja vu of the Purple & Gold thang? =) 
I love both!

Then I'd like to wear this legging which has the taste of disco (??). 
Sounds so lame of me.. lol JK

Next, it's the panty! Don't wonder why... just too cool to wear.

Mention this bright sky-blue long tank...

Don't forget the leather effing kewl jacket!

Then the necklace, ladies and gentlemen!

Then I'm so ready to get crunk, real crunk!
Down to the business, gonna rules the world with LMFAO everyday but get seriously at the time for some real deal... Yeah you know what I mean: Live the life joyfully but don't forget to reach your goals, life's a comedy anyway (even tough we just don't get it most of the time! lol. Eh I mean, LMFAO!)

"Yes, It's on and poppin', the parties rockin', the cuties shockin' and there ain't no stoppin'!"

Cheerio! xoxo

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