Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team Virgo!

Well, there are 12 sun signs in total. All of them share equal significance. The Individuals born between the dates August 23-September 23 fall under the category of Virgo. Most likely, people in Virgo tend to have generally these following traits:

Artistic Traits
Virgo individuals are extremely imaginative people who typically stand out at lettering, drama, work of art and other creative endeavors. They can really create some memorable pieces of art.

Aptitude Traits
Virgos are expected leaders as they are frequently very eloquent and smart. They are really liked by a lot of people due to their honesty and helpful nature. Well, we can easily depend on such individuals.

Enigmatic Traits
Despite the fact that Virgos are popular and cooperative, they are usually extremely mysterious regarding their confidential lives. This is the main reason why most of the people don't want to maintain a serious relationship with them.

Serious Traits 
Such individuals in Virgo can really sound harsh and rude to other people sometimes. However, they never mean to hurt anybody. But yeah, they only want the truth and honesty to be delivered.

Perfectionist Qualities
It is pretty important to note that Virgo individuals prefer each and everything to be wonderful. No matter it is home cleaning or any other relevant work they love to do every thing in a perfect manner. We can easily say that they are absolutely perfect in their work approach.

Besides, Virgos are inventive and systematic people, they are fanatical about hygiene. Virgos can moreover be happy-go-lucky live wires or a long-suffering loner
They might even prove to be remote and temperamental or relaxed and enjoyable. So, we can see that they are really contrasting characters. Most of the Virgos seek sovereignty and try to attain it in the easiest possible way. One of their weaknesses is that one can easily take advantage of such individuals

Some other details:
Virgo's symbol: the Virgin
Stone: Sapphire
Planet/element: Mercury/Earth
Color: Blue
Life pursuit: To do the right thing

Enjoy the company of Virgos!

cheers! xoxo

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