Monday, August 2, 2010

Your day, just got better...

"When better is possible, good is not enough." Words of wisdom such as these can help you start your day. But if you heard them over and over again you would probably find them pretty dull. Perhaps it would help if we had a source of good tips, written by experts, to help us make our lives more effective, easier and merrier.

If this sounds good, you should check out This website offers a variety of expert-backed and study-proven self-help information that you can definitely trust.

Some of the tips could take you by surprise; for example a way to get whiter teeth naturally involving spinach. You may be scratching your head wondering how on earth this could work, but this site has tons of advice like this that can help brighten your day.

The site was created by Gabrielle Lichterman, an established columnist with a reputation as a professional tipster. Lichterman also writes the weekly column "Start Your Week in the Know" for Woman's World magazine. Her writing is full of tips to help improve one's life, be more frugal, and much more.

She has also contributed to publications including Cosmogirl, Glamour, Vibe, the New York Daily News, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.

Rather than taking pride in the fact that she has answers to wide range of issues, Lichterman says her information doesn't make good conversation material at parties.

"I have a dozen helpful tips handy whenever someone brings up any topic even at a party, and while some people would really appreciate this odd quirk, it actually doesn't go over so well," She said of herself.

One day She realized tips found in newspapers and magazines did not last long and were not handy. From here she came up with the idea to collect all the published tips she could find, and compile them into an online database.

With its tagline "Happier, Easier, Faster, Cheaper," Your Day . Only Better has simple and clean layout and design making it easily navigable.

The "About" page offers information on the site and its creator; and "Contact" enables readers to send Gabrielle an email. Visitors can get tips from her directly by sending her an email using the "Click" box. A Facebook button is also available at the bottom of each article so readers can share information.

The "Popular Posts" section hosts some of the most interesting information, for instance; how to get on reality television. Appearing on America's Got Talent, The Bachelor or The Amazing Race, is actually easier than what you might think (at least for people in the US), television producer and reality TV expert Donna Anderson explains in this section.

"You need to know which shows are looking for submissions and make sure you really need the program. You might want to visit the show's website, and don't forget to choose the show that's going to make an impact on your life - not just because you want to get on TV. Another point is that you should just be yourself - pro-ducers will only be interested in seeing the real you; if you're a calm person then stop trying hard to talk too much."

And if you are a type A person, this website has something to say to you - especially if one day your child comes home with a B in mathematics.

"Well, you know, studies have shown that on test days if she avoids looking at the color red and you tell her that girls are just as good as boys in math and she's chewing gum, it will increase her score so she gets an A".

To guide you to the right tips, each article has links to other relevant information. Your Day lists a range of themes on the left-hand side of the page. Some of these categories are "Cheaper", "Diet", "Happy", "Job Interview", "Kids", "Personality Secrets", "Smart" and even "Pets". is the easier, faster and cheaper way to find reliable information on a range of issues that can help make your working, dining and shopping experiences better than ever.

--Amelia Winnie
TJP, the Sunday Post

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