Thursday, September 2, 2010

I ain't need to get any lower than before...

What's up?

Just straight to the point, I've been having fever and bad headache for the last couple days, and still in my recovery phase. So I feel so weak now...
But I had fun last night meeting up and having dinner with my old besties Astri and Sianti. They're my hard music folks, my parkour folks, my random-activity folks!
I love them so much... Yeah, such a girlie girl of me lol

But, at the same time I feel so low and sad. Like I need to punch someone on his/her face...
I cannot explain why, but I need to say: Please, understand my feeling, I have heart and I'm not a heartless person. Just see me changing and don't talk to me like I'm just a robot and would not be so hurt by every freaking words you've delivered....

Wondering who would talk to me like that? Nah... That's a thing called "between me and God" a.k.a privacy.
hahahaha damn, I need something to eat before I faint out.

Have a great blissful day, everyone and each of you!

I'm currently back to listen to Madam Jett's tunes, 
and FYI: My dad influenced me to my oldies taste of song :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better. i love having reunions and meeting up with old friends. always one of my favorite things! have a great day! - reni

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