Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just trying, harder

Hey yall (I don't even have any idea if there are people reading this crap...),
How's your days?
Hope it's been great and awesome...

Well, I'm now working on two pieces of kebaya (traditional long-sleeved blouse) and two dresses. Too much? nope.
When I was a junior high-teenager douche-bag, I really really badly wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to see all these HUGE names of fashion fuckin' brands, and it really catched my eyes -- as I was an innocent.

But now, I'm all growing up, and even though not yet have I known all issues about the (unimportant) fashion trends and fads, I still have a big interest in designing and making a piece of cloth. It's so good seeing your idea transforming into a real object (doesn't matter if it fits with your imagination or not). And I'm doing that now!
The feeling in making and creating and drawing and exploring inspirations + other fashion designers' collections are so soothing me off.
Okay I admit I'm just "that average", but hey I love to do that, whatcha gonna do then huh?
*lol im kidding...*

Promise, I'll upload the clothes I created soon as it's already wearable, okey dokey?

Forgot where I found this, but this one's interesting - like so much - isn't it?

See ya soon, beautiful peeps! 


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