Thursday, September 9, 2010

Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life.

Happy Birthday to me!!!
So I'm officially 21 years OLD now... Hahh look now i'm really getting older, by this freaking birthday!
Who's to blame? lol

And about birthday wishes, I won't post anything at all here or there (read: Twitter), there too (Facebook) and there (other networking sites' accounts). Because, you know, I believe the age of 21 is just like a gate towards a maturity (besides that people say "this" thing related to the 21st anniversary).
Perhaps not the literally mature persona, but this is to measure how I, personally, see myself as a young adult who's gonna hold any of the reponsibility -- no matter how heavy the burden is.
A one step higher level of maturity of 21-year-old world is kind of exciting and both thrilling and confusing...
You know, this is just in my eyes, that my dreams are here in my head and heart, and I MUST achieve those all. All = I got many dreams, hey! 
hahahaha.... Now I don't think I'm as shy as before, which was so stupid and close-minded of me, and that's not good whatsoever right?

Without further ado, here are the first-time 5 people in my life who greeted me bday wishes last night.
1. My youngest brother named Matin Abrardo Barizza, he gave me not only the wishes but also two sweet lil cakes and a necklace; which was written 1983 on it! ey I'm not that freaking old, I was born in 1989 broooooo... OMG he was just clumsy -- and my parents laugh him a lot... poor him though lol. But thanks sweetheart, I was so happy and broke to tears at midnight knowing my ignorance bro really gave me things on my bday :')
2. Valentina Leonita Attaru. My crazy campus mate, you people can punch her face anytime you meet her.... Really! hahahahaa no, I love her xoxo thanks a lot, biatch...
3. Rizka Agustina, who is the nicest and slow-thinker girl everrrrr. lmfao. She is my campusmate and workmate, but soon she'll go out and work at a fashion-themed weblog -- the biggest one in Indonesia. Yeah you may call it so...
4. Erik Eriawan. My new fella I got from Twitter. I remembered following him from @mainbasket because these dudes talked about some NBA legends playmakers and I was like I should follow him for the good of NBA! hahahahaa overstated.. But he's good, he's krazy as hell, and kind of a guy you could see him everywhere where he's known by everyone... (Seemingly though, hey if you read this, don't punch me on my face ok? lol) Uh oh and he's a virgo too, yay Team Virgo!
5. An unknown number on my cell phone. I didn't save his/her number but mysteriously this person texted me as I was his/her old good friend. Yet, any of texted messages in my cell phone have I replied! Ohh man, I'm so beezy now anyway, going back and forth making cakes, foods, taking the cakes ordered, and etc. Oh thank you sooo much, unsaved number person!!! mwah...

Allright, that's that for now...
Thanks for all the bday wishes, I am truly madly deeply so grateful of your words..
Love yall, my friends and relatives!
big huge XOXOXOXO

-Amelia, da 21st bday gurl-


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! wow! 21. so young. i feel so old! i hope that you have a great day and wish you many, many years of good health, love, happiness, success - just pretty much every freakin' awesome thing in this world!

Amelia Winnie said...

Thanks thanks thanks a lot, dear!

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