Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So happy I could die! (not literally...)

No use of paragraphing the words. So here we go:

Thesis mentoring is just started, it went pretty good yesterday. But it then gave me a major "headache". How can I pass the whole stages of thesis to an A's result? I'm goin' to make a tee written like that... No. I'm saving money.

Capoeira training started again! After a decades of hiatus, like more than the Ice Age had passed (okay that's so overstated...). The good fact is, I trained after the mentoring session lol. It felt REAL soothing and relieving. Made me a bit relax and it threw out my frustration that I thought would kill me right away if I kept them here, inside my maze-head.

Finally met up and went for a little but insane chit-chatting and lunch with Pujiati Sharani, my parkour folk from Samarinda. 
She was here because of the Parkour Indonesia National Jamming 2010 in Bandung... And let's not talk about that, I didn't go and yeah it was a consequence regarding the first-things-first. Let's see the positive point: Maybe next year I can go when my body, mental, and soul are ready to do that. Right? :)
Back to the topic, Pujay (I called her this) brought Sianti's and my orders (Kalimantan's batik! Damn they're soooo freaking beautiful seriously!); and a cute colorful tribal-sensation necklaces for Astri, Sianti and me. Sadly it was only me who could meet her successfully -- Sianti and Astri were busy and couldn't make it. But hey, there are still times ahead, right? Well, it's so nice and I can not wait for the future hang out and random stuff to do again with all these (OMG-so-busy) ladies! :)

To end this, Dear God, please made me just a stronger person in managing times and schedule, and also keep up all these hard work to end as the EXCELLENT ones. All of these I'm doing now is my passion, hobbies and loves.

I want a Choc-Choc chocoballs now... Arrr!

peace out and fight!

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