Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goofing around with...........


*Eh, who?*

Kinny! I said, Kinny. 
Nope. He is not a human, if you were asking..

Kinny is my littlest brownie bear in the house, yoo!
I have three brownie-bears in my room, i don't realize it at first that I could be a fan of a bear doll.
But that's that! 
Next time, I will put my huge white bear doll, named Vinny, and another one is the so-so in size brownie bear, named Deppy.

Anyway, I feel so much soothing after smacking down my chapter 2 for my final research paper. To celebrate it, I put a light green color to ma nails! hahaha I feel like a mutant though.. But a cool one. teehee...

At the end of December this year, I MUST end the whole paper. Still got chapter 3 and 4 and some other things like bibliography, appendix, table of contents, resume, and else to finish the thesis.
Pray for me, will you? :)
And about the games of pre-season in the NBA (rarely I bring out this issue), I just watched the thrilling Lakers vs Rockets this morning. Lakers won 112-110 over Rockets. That was close, man....
It was awesome!! Shannon brown was all the waaaaayy down, he's a bench player, ohh and with Steve Blake! They both gave out a heat performance. I was shocked as well, like other fans of the Lakeshow.

Shane Battier's defense on Kobe Bryant at the latest pre-season game!

It's Kobe Bryant's ritual now before the game begins... 
Remember, he has knee-injury :(

Lakers attend the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. 

Well, readers... 
Have a great day and night!



Anonymous said...

i can always count on you posting something about our #1 lakers! i cannot wait! the game was awesome, almost like a playoff game - but not as good as when they beat the celtics! :)

Amelia Winnie said...

but the thing that was shocked me even mroe was the Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat. The Heat was defeated by the Celts!!!
Maaaan, I didn't watch the live game, anyway. But I looked at some photos and YouTube vids, it was pretty cool.
Surely one match didnt mean anything. The Heat got more than a hundred games to rule, right?

I dunno... I'd rather pick Celtics than Heat. Celts got great playmakers, cannot wait to see them meet Lakers in the Final again!!!

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