Monday, October 25, 2010

Some pretty inspirations...

October near its end, and people in the whole world seemingly ready to head-to-toe costume themselves as the Halloween celebration is coming. Indonesia is in the Southeast Asian spot, where, honestly, this kind of celebration is never been put as an important one. Indeed, I don't feel like celebrating Halloween is on my schedule. Sometimes, I wonder may be it would be fun if once in a year we walk around the house complex and ask for candies or CHOCOLATES! door-to-door. Then we wear our most gorgeous, if not lame, costumes to amaze others. Then we play some games with friends and family, crown the best of the best costume in the are, and else. 

Well, it is not happening though. There are only some bars or night cafes in Jakarta that I know throw the Halloween party. But I am not going, I got my thesis research paper to do! I am not that social butterfly however....

BUT, I would like to have and wear these costumes! omg these Michael Jackson costumes are for women... yay!

 What do you guys think of these costumes?

And... oh the shoes -- boots!

I always looove tigers! Roarrr... 
aren't they as cool as the boots? :)


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