Wednesday, October 6, 2010

super [marx] models

I was googling to search some materials for my cool thesis -- the Marxist effing things, if you dreadfully want to know... No? Ugh.
Then I ended up on this site, which is real cool. But if you aren't interested in models of high fashion and stuff, then just take a glance look on the site, please? lol 
It collects all the supermodels who often seen on magz or ads or billboards (or perhaps not), and they often appear on super-huge infamous brands internationally, yea you know...

Before I accidentally stepped in on the site, I have some fav supermodels. And this site, accidentally, showed up itself (??), I feel like saying, "Damn they're super-duper REAL models!"  :D

Here are my most favs of international supermodels:

Gisele Bundchen | Brazil | 1.80 cm

Chanel Iman | USA | 1.75 cm

Alessandra Ambrosio | Brazil | 1.78 cm

Mackenzie Hamilton | Canada | 1.78 cm

Morgane Dubled | France | 1.80 cm

Bianca Balti | Italy | 1.76 cm

And how about you? :)

Well, to end this (pointless) posting, I'd like say something to the dearest (late) Karl Marx for his OMG-so-genius contribution of his ideology to the scholar field:
"Marx my dear, thanks for making me such a moronic asshead reading and understanding your books and concepts... I really appreciate that! It makes my day lighter and brighter!! Yay for that!" 


peace and fight.

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