Wednesday, October 20, 2010

V for Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, or known as VB or Posh (the ex-Spice Girls), is indeed expanding her business of fashion line into something bigger. As she has joined some Fashion Weeks from New York to London, her signature style which applied on her collections are outrageous! For me, personally, I looooove her collections. Why?

The line is simply VICTORIA BECKHAM, and before she launched her dresses recently, her denims, eyewear, and accessories have been lined up first. Speaking of the dresses, VB really grasps me in! Famous for her zero size, VB said that she wants to celebrate a women's curve. And yes, the well-tailored dresses are shape and curve-grabbing. From the spring/summer, autumn/winter, the VB collection of dresses are to die for. I am really drooling to have one of them, or two, or maybe... four! or even all! lol

Here are my most favorite and (in-your-face wish list) of her collection:

Clean-cut, simple, and tres chic !

Which one, or three, are your favos?

peace, fight and love!


Anonymous said...

i love your picks but my faves are # 20, 52 and 31!

หåи∂ said...

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Kat said...

these pics are awesome! great blog!! im going to follow you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^

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