Thursday, November 11, 2010

The casual-but-rad side of CottonInk collections

Always clean, basic, simple and casual: Words best describe the Indonesian fashion brand COTTON INK. This infamous online shopping-based brand never wilts its fans with the collections. Now, we can set our eyes on their “casual with a twist” back in town – COTTON INK new collection released nearby the end of 2010: Casual Cool.

Yes, ladies. It is “Casual” with cotton as the selected fabric, plus viscose – similar in weaves as the cotton’s. However, “Casual” doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to look fab and rad. Delete that off beam thought of your minds. You should check them out yourselves to witness this new-themed Casual collection is, frankly and truly, Cool.

You may prove your creativity, as always, by having COTTON INK collections. Apparently, they are too hype to be worn just that way. Whether you got the cunning hands or mind’s eye thoughts, Casual Cool is impressing for its fresh twist and loop.

Shall I put some words for my favorite pieces from Casual Cool collection?

I am a huge fan of black. Whoever said we “cannot ever go wrong with black” should have gotten an award. I got my eyes on COTTON INK’s Casual Cool “Luxe Althea Viscose Black Dress". 
The Althea dress has three optional colors: Pink, black and midnight blue. It’s a new-breath in design for the common LBD. It has cool drapes with edgy and quirk cutting on its whole dress. Well, look at the front-hem, there’s an attention-grabbing twist! That’s what I wanted to say, anyway. Viscose as its basic fabric would never go wrong; it has a silky feel and appearance, lightweight and it tends to drape very beautiful and pleasing to the touch. You can wear this twisted LBD, to be more “you”, with a big belt or big and pretty necklace or perhaps full-printed leggings. Or maybe not, because it’s already cute in that way.

There’s another black combination dress. Meet the out-of-stock piece: "Luxe Viscose Twotone Dress". 
It has beige-color on the upper, and black-color on its lower before-knees. (Unfortunately, it is out of stock! Better try another luck next time…sigh…) Elegant viscose presented again in this dress. So you may see it flows gracefully when you wear it. Play it with leggings or tights, with denim outerwear would be casually cool – in my opinion. Or do you have a friend’s birthday to attend? A little awesome party on the weekend? Have yourself a remarked by putting on this twotone dress with a pair of killer platforms, amass of bangles and bracelets, or headpieces. Mind-boggling!

More than these, Casual Cool has lots of cool pieces to check! The Artemis Tops, Drape Cardigan, Light Khaki V-neck Cardi, Drawstring Skirt with Pockets, Luxe Viscose Boxy Blouse, Boxy Long Sleeves and Twotone blouse – with colors from berry, misty grey, dark grey, champagne, dark navy, dark purple and so forth; essential and basic colors which fit to any range of colors you may thump and match with. 

Ultimately, Casual Cool collections from COTTON INK is off the hizzle for sizzle!

-Amelia Winnie

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i love that black dress!

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