Thursday, November 18, 2010

the hall of Harry Potter's LOL pictures

Okay, here's the rules:
Just see them. And then you're free to laugh.

P.S: If you're not into Harry Potter things, that's ok, though it would be a little hard to understand some if them.


Do you recall whose song is this? Miley Cyrus-Party in the USA. lol!

Antoine Dodson, the YouTube rap-hiphop star, appears as one of the Hogwarts students??? omg =))

Run, Cedric Diggory!!! Run to your "world"! xD

Voldemort said: "I hate these damn publicity photos. Ugh 'smile & act like you're bffs.' Now I know how everyone on Disney feels. Gotta make bank though, it's all part of the master world domination plan."  lmfao

[all of pictures courtesy of Lord Voldemort Twitter]


Krystal said...

These are brilliant, I love them!!

Krystal said...

your comment just now made me laugh out totally true ;)

Sofi Meloni said...


Edwig O' Nguik said...

huahhahahahaha this is sooooooooooo damn funny!!!!!!!

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