Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Organizing the closet... maybe later on.


Pheww... It's been quite a long time striving hard in real life. As blogging - for me - is the sheer life where I may share my thought or opinion or criticism without any freaking judgments from those who-they-think-they-are-most-right.

One of those days, currently, I always pull off my clothes and anything inside the closet to wear. I didn't think I mess it up until I've found myself hardly searching for a left-pink shock; I couldn't just wear the right-pink shock while my another foot wear army green? No way.

Then it kept getting more and more intense - because my mind was corrupted with all the final research paper stuff - and I screamed inside, like a spinster loony wolf (??). Well, It was nowhere when I really wanted to wear a black blouse. The fabric was light, and perhaps it was buried in deeper part of the closet, and I was too lazy to explore it. So damn good, right? I had to put the idea off; and back to the tee. You know what another thing ruined my morning oh so hectic time? LATE.
Yep. 'Twas 20 more minutes to get arrived at campus. Wished I could just call the X-men guys, then I would be happy! 
*hey it's not related whatsoever*

Uhmm... I'm thinking about organizing my closet and all this primer-needs of human life. I have read many articles, looked through some great simple cabin and tips and tricks... But I'm too bewildered to find out "How the hell am I going to do this AFTER ALL?"

Speaking of "How", i don't think I can do it this week, or maybe this year. My focus is still on my paper. But I really tend to organize my closet and my room after all the graduation thing. It would be lovely -- like inhaling a fresh air of your own nest.

If yall have good and practical tips for me about organizing room and clothes and closet with a simple, clean, and sophisticated ideas, or anything, pleaseeee please tell me! :)
I'd love to absorb them.

Have a great days and nights!

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Anonymous said...

aaaaahhh! i love your closet. i miss having a wall to wall closet. the place i live now has really small closets and i had to buy a dresser. i've never had to own a dresser before. if i had a huge closet, mine would look just as organized! enjoy your closet! awesome organization there!

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