Sunday, December 12, 2010

err... hellou, people?

"Don't change the colors of who you are. 
Its those colors, that make you beautiful."
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What's up?

So I have finished my four chapters of the research paper for my soon-bachelor graduation in June and (most importantly) the judgment day in February -- all of them is in 2011, next year! But still waiting my mentor for the revision and then I'm going to edit some of the contents.
So here I am, yeah.. finding some not-so-tired times between my (so-called) busy days to update my (pity) blog.
And of course to say "How are you guys doing?" to those who read this.
*shedding tears*


And the first quotes I put was from my own thought, which probably some of you guys have also had that thought crossing in your mind before.
Been thinking an unnecessary idea about how I deal with my own self.
I mean, being a "perfectionist" along with a cold-looking appearance and a hard work trait are not that damn easy.
Who's Virgo girl here, eh? Then lucky you! We share some common issues about this purrfect figure of Virgo people, don't we?
But I don't want to make it a burden and let the fuss take over myself.
All I want to say is whatever your traits are -- Zodiac-related or simply just genes-inherited or maybe society-influenced -- just stay yourself with that "way".
Improve your best, slowly eliminate your worst, bad habit and any other negative issues you have, and who knows that the "typically yours"-character shapes your bright and promising future?
It's between only you and God -- obviously, heck yes!

And just a note for my own self: 
Be perfectionist, details seeker, nerd, cold-looking face, hardworker and a "climber" woman as just who I am. Ignore those who see this as annoying or boring sides of me.
Because I KNOW it's leading me to something I badly want to achieve, and it's called goals-slash-dreams.
Because what others think about me is none of my business, right?

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Have a wonderful days and nights, peeps!



Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like that quote. I could never understand why people want to change their appearance. Be who you were born to be. There is a quote I read recently, "Don't try to be who you don't need to be."

Krystal said...

your words are wise!! congrats on finishing that project :) said...

I agree with you and also with that quote!

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