Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Indonesia emerge as runner-up in the 2010 AFF Cup

On December 29, 2010, it was the final remarkable day for the 2010 AFF Cup. 
Indonesia vs Malaysia, yup! Everyone and the world have been saying that Indonesian and Malaysian are like brotherhood, we share same bloods and even share some lands above the Kalimantan Island.
But there were so many bad and damned issues which have broken us up, and lost the trust between one another. 
Ironic, isn't it?

And the second leg of the AFF Cup was held in the GBK Stadium, Jakarta. 
Indonesia could not score 4 or more as we had expected, because Malaysia team had scored 1 first. Then Indonesia hustled hard to line up the score.
The result was pretty good, 2-1 for Indonesia team. 
We won the game. But not the Cup anyway.
Malaysiabecame the champion and brought the Cup home. The aggregate score was the rule. So it would be Indonesia 2 and Malaysia 4 -- of the first and second legs of final.
However, I am proud of them, still. 
Indonesian too.. we're cherish and proud of ourselves. We played good, fair... 
and the supporters? 
I couldn't say anything but THUMBS, THUMBS UP!
Yeah, Malaysia got the Cup,
but Indonesia was still the winner (not only of the second leg game), plus the supporters are truly the champ!
Glory for us all.

Cheers for Garuda national team and for the future progression of Indonesia's sports!
Amen to that...  :)

the supporters of Indonesia team yelled out the chant, "Hari iniii pasti menaaaang..." (Today we must win...)

Malaysia (blue squad) and Indonesia (red squad) in the game

Dya feel the sadness too eh? :(

me and friends watch the game together at a cafe, pretty hype!

playing UNO card game to kill some times...

the Garuda bird symbol of Indonesia on the jersey

the venue in which people watched the game together...

look at those crowd!

Indonesia and batik, such iconic right?

some of friends...

friends (pretty ladies, aren't they?)

Irfan Bachdim jersey was worn by that little fella

Indonesia on the back side of Tee and jersey were everywhere at the time

another Irfan eh? :D

the crowd

took some shot

the booties-singer entertained people during the break time

This was us when we sang the National anthem called "Indonesia Raya".

the horn

after singing the National anthem... such a moment!.

flagy cheek girl... lol That's one ma friend. Never mind her angry face though

Have a great day!

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