Monday, December 20, 2010

Indonesia runs to Final of the AFF Cup soccer match!

So here they are...
Indonesia vs the Philippines Semifinal match on the AFF Cup 2010, at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia. Held on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2010.
and the result was Indonesia won with 1-0 over the Philippines! YAY!!!
*too bad, I stupidly forgot to bring memory card of my camera, and even the better one! ugh*

The most crucial thing is, I watched the match live. That was my very first time witnessing everything in the soccer match live! So mad!
At first I thought yeah it would be a little crazy, chaotic maybe. But I never thought it would be VERY thrilling!
This is to say that I'm proud of Indonesian supporters. Why?

Well, the most important thing is they did not do any "vandalism" action during the match. Presuming the supporters composed from "marginal" group of people -- you know, some of them don't even think what for and why they do the destruction of the public properties and make Indonesia's image look bad in the global's eyes.
But that was it! I changed my mind for this thing. 
I mean, yes I already knew Indonesian people are not all dumbers or morons. And yes, some of us have both smart brains and logical thinking, as well as narrow minded and need-education badly to change our attitude and perspective toward everything. 
Thus we rely on each other, from the govt to all the citizens. We need and have to support each others' backs! :)

And yes, the match made me think that everything needs its own hard way.
We're all having our bad and good times, also positive and negative habits and traits. As long as we strive hard, we'd just lose nothing. That's what we call "freedom", right? Dare to lose nothing.

The next match will be the Final against Malaysian team which will be held twice, in the Indonesian's and Malaysian's stadiums withing range of dates.
Praying Indonesia will come out as the winner (Amen to that...), I'm wondering now that tomorrow morning my body will be hard-corely stiff!
Hope not.

These are some photos taken by fella, Ninno.

before the match began, the tribune seats looked a little empty, but soon it would be loaded!

Indonesian supporters cheered during the match

Gonzales made the first and the only goal at the time, and all people in the stadium triumphed the goal!

These over-excited boys toasted for the goal! :D

Cheers for the beautiful goal!

Arie's brother and me posed for Ninno's camera in the break time

Eight hours before the match, my friend Arie made this poster by himself.

Fireworks in the end of the game

the Philippines team's farewell after the match. Fair play and respect! See ya guys...

Indonesia's team took a bow after the match, woohooo for that moment!

This is insane! The floods of red army Indonesia's supporters went off the stadium...

After the match, shot some photographs.
I don't know what kind of job this guy intended by looking at his costume, but he seemed to be quite famous. Many supporters said Hi to him as he greeted and visited every tribune's stages. He maybe a sort of the mascot or the "hype" man of the match.

Have a wonderful times!

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